Academic year 2017 – 2019



Title of the IPE session

30th October 2017 Pediatric bronchopneumonia. [Link]
5th December 2017 Pericoronal abscess. [Link]
13th February 2018 Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Joint Dislocation. [Link]
25th September 2018 Enteric fever. [Link]
30th October 2018 Cardiac Arrest. [Link]
8th November 2018 Decompensated heart failure. [Link]
21st November 2018  Ischemic stroke. [Link]
11th December 2018 Oral Submucous Fibrosis. [Link]
11th February 2019 Fracture of Right Little Finger. [Link]
11th March 2019 Total Knee Osteoarthritis. [Link]
28th April 2019 Drug induced first degree heart block. [Link]
16th September 2019 Interprofessional Education seminar for First-Year Pharmacy (Pharm-D) Students
23rd September 2019 Interprofessional Education seminar for First-Year Pharmacy (Pharm-D) Students
20th October 2019 Professional Communication Skills for seventh-semester Pharm-D students: OSCE evaluation

Community Engagement 2017-2019



Title of the event

25th September 2017 World Pharmacists Day. [Link]
19th October 2017 Pink Ribbon. [Link]
14th November 2017 Blue circle day. [Link]
17th February 2018) Ask your pharmacist. [Link]
7th April 2018 World Health Day. [Link]
31st May 2018 World No Tobacco Day-2018. [Link]
25th September 2018 World Pharmacists Day-2018. [Link]
29th September 2018 World Heart Day -2018. [Link]
11th October 2018 World Obesity Day-2018. [Link]
14th November 2018 World Diabetes Day 2018. [Link]
28th November 2018 18th Annual Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition. [Link]
9th February 2019 Ask Your Pharmacist. [Link]
6th April 2019 World Health Day- 2019. [Link]
22nd June 2019 Vitamin D and Bone Health. [Link]
25th September 2019 World Pharmacist Day. [Link]
13th October 2019 Anti-Obesity Day. [Link]
22nd October2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Month. [Link]


Student(s)’s Name(s) Title
Nourhan Khaled and Hisham Mohamed Brain Targeting of Fluconazole Nanovesicles for Treatment of Cryptococcal Meningitis
Mariam Aboulilah, Sara Ahmed, Razan Jarjouma, Razan Sabri Assessment of the knowledge and self-medication practice towards antibiotics among health science students in the United Arab Emirates
Abir Al-Azi, Aya Dzhakha Evaluation of awareness and over-the-counter analgesic use pattern among health science students in an UAE university
Fatiha Hammed, Hari Krishnan, Abduljalal Salisu Drug induced diarrhea in an academic hospital in United Arab Emirates: a pilot study
Sahar Elnajjar Clinical and economical outcomes of pre-made and compounded parenteral nutrition: need for SWOT analysis
Fatima Mufidah Ibrahim Fari, Aisha Abubakar Kaoje, Mahin Gulzar, Aisha Mohammed, Fatima Danlami Bello, Issam Haddad Preparation, Characterization and Comparative Evaluation of Calcium Carbonate Nano suspension
Naseeha Abdul Jalal Vallathupady, Sharrol Jesmine, Rukkaya Namatari, Runyararo Edwick Makona, Ikran Abdi Shakur, Aqsa Kausar Design and Evaluation of a Novel Hydrophobic Floating Tablets Using an Insoluble Rosin Matrix System for Sustained Release of Acyclovir
Bayan Adnan Ayash, Wessa Wasfy, Nour Elshaeir, Raghad Mosleh Ismail, Ruaa Al Ani, Nourhan Khaled Hassan. Formulation and Comparative Evaluation of Acid Neutralization Capacity of Magnesium Hydroxide Nanosuspension and Commercial Magnesium Hydroxide Antacid Suspension
Rukayya Abdullahi, Maimuna Baba Dala, Jamila Musa, Fadila Ahmed Diko Drug Related Problems Of Intravenous Antibiotics Among Patients With Pneumonia
Sarah Mudher Al-Kium, Nourhan Khaled Hassan Comparison of Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Of Various Antihypertensive Medication
Sahar Elnajjar, Aetedad Noor Knowledge Attitude And Perception of Generic Drug Utilization Among UAE Pharmacists
Fatiha Hammed

Dalia Yousef Mohamed Al Saeedy

Design and synthesis of hypoxia-selective anticancer drugs
Nourhan Khaled

Hisham Mohammed

Analysis of the prognostic value of vitamin D in different types of cancer
Keziah Williams Retrospective case study on the prevalence of the risk factors in women diagnosed with breast cancer in Tawam hospital, AlAin.
Sara Mudher, Maliheh Abbas Zadeh, Zainab Rehman Tobacco smoking habits among Gulf Medical University students
Dalia Yousef Mohamed Al Saeedy Correlation of Pharmaceutical Innovation and Evidence-based Pharmacy Practice
Fovzia Jin, Neda Noorani, Zinah Alkhayyat Team Based Learning in PharmD Cardiology Pharmacotherapy
Mahin Gulzar Ahmed Issues in Clinical Decision making on use of Sacubitril/valsartan in heart failure on short- and long-term benefits to reduce the hospitalization and mortality rate
Rina Rosalia, Nouran Essam Atta, Yahya Salisu, Mubarak Ibrahim Ladan, Amna M Shukur A Cross Sectional Survey on Compliance to Antibiotics in Patients with Respiratory Tract Infections in a Tertiary Hospital in Ajman, UAE
Rukayya Abdullahi Musa,  Maimuna Baba Dala,  Jamila Musa, Fadila Ahmed Dikko Utilization pattern and drug related problems of intravenous antibiotics of pneumonia patients in a secondary care teaching hospital.



Participating students

Comparative In vitro drug release studies and kinetics between different marketed semisolid formulations of diclofenac sodium in the UAE Safa Hussein, Shroq Munasser, Maram Alsalloum, Lauratu Zubairu, Fatima Attahiru, Sonita Wahid, Faiza Abdulkadir, Zainab Abubakar,Reyam Hassab
Cost analysis of commonly prescribed medicines in the UAE Fatiha Hammed
Cost-effectiveness of Clarithromycin only group versus Azithromycin with other antibiotics group in Mycoplasma Peneumonia Ayisha Abdul Gafoor, Maram Al Salloum, Jesty Reji Jacob, Basir Ahmad, Sonita Anwari
Defined daily dose of commonly used antibiotics in community acquired pneumonia Ahmed Ghazal, Afreen Firdaus, Reyam Hassab, Almeera Raheem
Pharmacoepidemiologocal evaluation of proton pump inhibitors: preliminary study from a tertiary care academic hospital in Ajman, United Arab Emirates Lauratu zubairu, Fatima Ambaya Attahiru, Zainab Abubakar Gada, Faiza Abdulkadir
Preliminary evaluation of Metronidazole utilization pattern in a tertiary care academic hospital in Ajman, UAE Fatima Bukar Ngorgi, Mahya Masoud, Safa Hussein, Mohammad Alsaid, Rayan Hassan
Optimization of Nanocrystals Freeze-Dried Tablets Containing Aceclofenac Noor Wael Sadiq, Dalia Yousef Mohamed, Joud Rahmoun Albakri, Durah Naser Shaban, Kholoud Ayman Mahrous, Abdelrahman Mohamed
Drug use evaluation of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in UAE hospital Rima Manour, Soad Samer, Sandra Ben Jaafar, Shroq Munazzer, Iman Ayman
Assessment of antimicrobial sensitivity and utilization pattern among urinary tract infection patients in a tertiary care academic hospital Zainab Abdelaziz Kaita, Bintu Goni Bukar, Maryam Kabir