Center for Humanitarian Education

Academic Health Center

Humanitarian Education

IFRC and GMU, guided by the MOU, aims to introduce fundamental humanitarian principles, engage medical students and university staff in humanitarian action, which will be done through selected and coordinated essential training courses leading to their certification and making them well prepared to take responsibilities in this important field.

What Do We Do?

Our work is focused on three key areas

  • Training and Certification.
  • Organization and implementation of humanitarian projects locally and internationally.
  • Contribution and serving our community as part of our social responsibilities.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Training
    • Training in the areas of First Aid, Disasters preparedness, Health-related activities, Psychological support.
    • Training for accredited trainers
    • Training in project management.
    • Training in other innovative areas like fundraising.
  • Humanitarian Projects
    • Select and organize Humanitarian projects.
    • Prepare an action plan for implementation.
    • Provide logistic requirements for local and international areas.
  • Social Responsibilities
    • Identify the vulnerable group in our community like elderly migrate workers etc
    • Provide certain services and supports activities given with reduced cost.