The Doctor of Pharmacy program at Gulf Medical University (GMU) is the first and only PharmD program in the country. The aim of the program is to prepare and graduate professional pharmacists who are drug therapy experts. Starting with a solid foundational knowledge base in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in the initial phase, students quickly and smoothly move into the pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy phase of the program. Professional skills labs offer an opportunity for clinical simulations and roleplay preparing our students for early exposure into the “real practice” environment.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program offers GMU students both introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences in GMU affiliated hospitals, clinics and community pharmacies. Despite the large number of healthcare facilities that are affiliated with GMU, the College of Pharmacy has developed key partnership with other hospitals including Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital Ajman. These diverse experiences in such advanced healthcare practice environments provide our graduates with the needed pharmacy practice skills required to succeed as they move on to be professional pharmacy practitioners anywhere in the world.

Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) are the most extensive and rigorous as compared to other pharmacy programs in the country. These experiences amount to a total of 1640 contact hours in affiliated and partner healthcare facilities in UAE and abroad. These experiences are modeled after North American PharmD programs in a well-structured manner with specific activities aiming at attaining specific skills and competencies that relate to the overall program learning outcomes. Select students have the opportunity to do one of their APPE courses in one of our partner institutions in the United States e.g. Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut and others.

Our PharmD students engage in undergraduate research with their faculty supervisors and present their research in national and international scientific conferences. Their work is published in peer reviewed reputable international scientific journals. Select students are given the opportunity to undergo a summer research internship at one of our partner institutions in the United States e.g. Virginia Commonwealth University.

In our continuous endeavor to improve the quality of our pharmacy program, the GMU Doctor of Pharmacy program is currently undergoing international accreditation (certification) by the American Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).