Lectures are held in the “smart class rooms”. Lecture rooms are used for teaching, group discussions, seminars and tutorials. Small group learning class rooms are available in the GMU Information &Learning Center for conducting group based activities like case based learning, projects and seminars that encourage collaborative learning among students. MyGMU portal supported with Moodle and Turnitin is used to share course content and submit assignments.


GMU Library is a modern facility with a total area of 10000 sq ft located strategically for faculty, students and staff to support their information needs and to access Library at any time of the day or night. Our Library has been conceived and developed as a multifaceted learning centre dedicated to serve the multi facet agenda of the college as being operated by its students, faculty, research and health professionals. To serve this purpose our Library has access to a large variety of learning resources such as Books, Journals, Online database…


The Pharmacy Practice lab has fully furnished dispensing stations in a model Pharmacy, private patient examination area, patient counseling, and drug information areas. The dispensing stations in the lab use the same dispensing (billing) software used by Thumbay Pharmacies. The Lab is equipped with training facilities for;

  • Patient history interview
  • Physical assessment
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Dispensing and inventory management
  • Patient counseling, consultation and other pharmaceutical care measures

The Lab is used regularly for Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in teaching and assessment settings. Student training in the pharmacy practice lab prepares them as they approach real patients with skill, confidence and professionalism making them practice-ready from the very beginning of their professional career.


This lab is the first of its kind to be established in a College of Pharmacy in UAE. The lab houses three laminar flow hoods, two class II biological safety cabinets, incubators, air sampler, portable particle counter and pen smoke generator. In the sterile compounding lab GMU College of Pharmacy PharmD students receive training on sterile handling of large volume parenterals, total parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy and antibiotic preparations. This simulated environment is necessary to prepare our students for the real environment where they will make such preparations for real patients.


The Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Pharmacy is a Clinical Service unit of GMU College of Pharmacy located at the Thumbay University Hospital in Thumbay Medicity, Ajman. It is manned by the GMU College of Pharmacy expert Faculty and Preceptors and equipped with world-class resources such as DRUGDEX, UpToDate/Lexicomp, Access Pharmacy, Clinicalkey/Gold Standard, MEDLINE Complete, and other resources in print, BNF, AHFS Drug Information, etc. The Center ties up with Washington State University, USA, Medical University of South Carolina, USA and Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE drug information services to benchmark its quality of service.

GMU College of Pharmacy students benefit from this on-campus facility for training on drug information. Training on critical appraisal of clinical literature and research activities are targeted at promoting evidence-based pharmacy practice. The pharmacy students and trainees are expected to be evidence-based pharmacy practitioners within an integrated academic-practice environment.


The Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare (CASH) at Gulf Medical University is a multidisciplinary educational facility that provides high-tech simulated and virtually created hospital set-up for clinical and communication skills teaching and training for all health care professionals. The GMU Simulation Center offers Training Programs to doctors, nurses and other health professionals. CASH is an AHA-accredited life support training site which offers BLS & ACLS courses regularly. The center conducts the MEDSIM OLYMPICS annually.


A state of art Medical Research Facility named Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine (TRIPM) the apex lab of Thumbay Labs was inaugurated on 13th January 2014 by His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council UAE & Ruler of Ajman and set up within the premises of the Gulf Medical University at Ajman, UAE.

TRIPM has three main areas of function – Clinical Research, High Complexity Laboratory Testing for super-specialties and Statistical Support for analysis of clinical research data and for the generation of evidence-based clinical practice.


Chemistry & Biochemistry Labs

These labs are used by PharmD students to carryout experiments in different courses including general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis where students apply what they learn during the theoretical sessions. The labs enable students to synthesize chemicals and analyze active ingredients present in the pharmaceutical products available in the market. The labs are equipped with fume hood, magnetic stirrers, hot plats, digital balances, pH meters, desiccators and UV spectrophotometers.

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab

The pharmaceutical technology lab is utilised to deliver the practical skills required in all physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics courses. These skills include physical characterization of active ingredients, preparation of liquid, semisolid & solid dosage forms, quality control testing and development of novel dosage forms. The lab is equipped with tablet machine, dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus, friability apparatus, rotary vacuum evaporators, UV spectrophotometers, digital balances, ovens, sonicators and water baths.

Biomedical Sciences Labs

These labs are utilized to convey the practical competencies of microbiology, anatomy & physiology courses. The microbiology lab is used to train students on identification & isolation of different microorganisms, sterilization techniques and sterility testing. On the other hand, the anatomy & physiology lab is used to expose students to different models and settings that familiarize them with the structure and functions of different body organs.


Pharmacies in Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah are available for community pharmacy-I training. All the pharmacies are managed by service oriented, well-motivated, highly qualified licensed Pharmacists. The experienced pharmacists train our students in pharmacy management and patient care. This provides an opportunity for Pharm D students to develop communication skills in real world experiences and learn the process involved in dispensing prescriptions. The students interact and counsel patients under the direct supervision of a pharmacist and academic staff regarding the proper usage of medication viz. dose, route of administration, adverse effects, and precautions. Students are also trained in the use of non-prescription products including nutritional supplements. Students in APPE community pharmacy rotation are also posted in these pharmacies.


8th semester, our Pharm D students are posted in Thumbay clinics for their community pharmacyII training.  Students in relevant APPE rotation are also posted in these clinics that has a pharmacy. During this training program, students interact with different healthcare professionals and patients. Pharmacists and doctors train our students in a collaborative practice environment.


Thumbay hospitals and Medical Centers in Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai are one of the largest health care providers in the region. Thumbay Hospitals Ajman & Fujairah  are JCI accredited. Our Pharm D students are posted in Thumbay hospitals for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) training program to get clinical exposure and training in various departments.


GMU campus hosts many facilities for its students, which make it one of the most vibrant campuses in the region. The campus is provided with Gym and Spa under the flagship of Body and Soul brand from Thumbay group. The Terrace restaurant from Thumbay group functions within the GMU campus catering world’s finest culinary and hospitality experience. The best in class facilities to play cricket, soccer, tennis, basket ball, table tennis etc are provided within the GMU campus. The annual sports meet offers an opportunity for the students to prove their sporting talents.

Other facilities include

  • ThumbayMoideen Masjid
  • Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe