GMU PharmD Student Presents on Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapeutic Recommendations During Interprofessional Case Discussion

The College of Pharmacy’s final year Pharm D student, Ms. Ayisha Gafoor participated in the Third Interprofessional case discussion conducted at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman on 13 February 2018.

In this event, a case of Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Joint Dislocation was discussed by students from College of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences and College of Medicine. The audience was students, practitioners and faculty members of the GMU and its affiliated institutes.

As it was an Orthopedic surgical case involving skin incision, Ms. Ayisha introduced the common skin flora responsible for surgical site infections and provided evidence-based guidelines in choosing the most appropriate antimicrobial prophylaxis. She also compared the safety and efficacy of Cefazolin and Cefuroxime, the widely used antimicrobials for surgical prophylaxis and stressed upon their difference in terms of cost and pharmacokinetics. In addition to antimicrobials, the analgesic choice for post-surgical pain management was discussed in concurrence with available evidence.

Aisha critically appraised the available literature to support evidence-based practice. The recommendations were communicated in a systematic manner to optimize clinical outcomes.