GMU College of Pharmacy Celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2019

World Pharmacist day 2019 was celebrated by College of Pharmacy, GMU in collaboration with Thumbay Group of Pharmacies on 25th September 2019. The event was organized to include community engagement, student presentations, and a celebratory meeting with Thumbay group of Pharmacists.

PharmD students from various cohorts organized a community engagement activity in Thumbay Hospital Ajman with the objective of spreading awareness on “Safe and effective medicines for all’. Students focused on the use of specialized devices and dosage forms, expiry of certain medications, newer therapeutics available in practice and FDA alerts, interactive games in relation to the safety of medication, for young patients and visitors.

The celebration was attended by PharmD and Master in Clinical Pharmacy students, pharmacists from Thumbay Pharmacies, faculty members and clinical preceptors from the College of Pharmacy. The students discussed the history of pharmacy and the future of pharmacy practice in UAE. Concepts such as managing chronic disease states and patient’s accessibility to immunization by pharmacists were explored. Thumbay group pharmacists presented on the various roles and responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist and an annual summary of medication errors and antibiotic misuse that were prevented by pharmacists as well as patient education provided. Importance of inter-professional collaboration in the healthcare system and the accountability of pharmacists to society were highlighted throughout the day.