Welcome to GMU Library

GMU Library is a modern facility with a total area of 10000 sq ft located strategically for faculty, students and staff to support their information needs and to access Library at any time of the day or night. The Library has been conceived and developed as a multifaceted learning centre dedicated to serve the agenda of the University as being operated by its students, faculty and health professionals. To serve this purpose, the Library has access to a large variety of learning resources such as Books, Journals, Online database, Internet & Multimedia facilities in the field of biomedical sciences and health care.

Vision of GMU Library

To develop library facilities, services and systems that match world’s best practices utilizing skilled staff who would fully exploit all resources to offer high-quality services by focusing on regional collaboration, cooperation, networking and resource sharing.

Mission of the GMU Library

The purpose of the GMU Library is to support all academic programs, research, health services and continuing education in the university by providing students, faculty and staff with learning resources and services to achieve their educational objectives.

Phone: +971 6 7431333, Extension: 1221

E-mail: library@gmu.ac.ae

GMU Library provides e-portal services for electronic resources. GMU users can access ‘Electronic Resources’ through the e-portal with their own username and password.

Extensive Collection

GMU library boasts an extensive collection of medical textbooks, reference materials, journals, and databases spanning various medical disciplines.

Digital Resources

Access the world of medical knowledge through GMU library online resources. We provide access to a plethora of e-journals, e-books, databases, and digital archives, allowing library users to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare.

E-portal services: Gateway to Electronic Resources

Library E-Portal: Knimbus: [link]

GMU Library provides e-portal services for electronic resources.  GMU users can access ‘Electronic Resources’ through the e-portal with their own user name and password.

Library E-Portal: Knimbus is an integrated platform for e-Resources. Knimbus provides a powerful customization tool for librarians to transform their library into a customized e-Library portal. Knimbus is a single search platform with great filtration methods for information available. It’s providing open access resources in one place.

Research Assistance

GMU librarians are dedicated to helping library users navigate the vast sea of information. From guiding users through effective database searches to providing research tips, our team is here to support users academic and research pursuits.

Journal Article Request Services: Journal Article Request Form [link]

GMU Library Journal Article Request Services are designed to assist users in obtaining articles that may not be readily available in our collection. Journal Article Request Services are available to all registered members of Gulf Medical University, including students, faculty, and researchers.

How It Works

i. Submit Your Request

If the library users come across a journal article that is not available in GMU library, simply submit a request through the library journal article request form. Provide us with the necessary details such as the article title, author, publication information, and any other relevant information you may have.

ii. Resource Retrieval

Once we receive users request, our dedicated team will initiate the process of locating the requested article. We’ll tap into our extensive network of resources, including interlibrary collaborations, to retrieve the article.

iii. Prompt Delivery

Our goal is to provide library users with the requested article as quickly as possible. Once we locate the article, we will deliver it through email.

Institutional Membership

GMU library has academic institutional membership in Sharjah Public Library. GMU library can arrange Journal Articles for the GMU users from the Sharjah Public Library e-resources.

Quiet and Collaborative Spaces

Whether you prefer solitary study or group collaboration, our library offers designated spaces to accommodate your needs. From quiet reading rooms to collaborative workstations, you’ll find the right environment to enhance your learning experience.

Digital Repositories

Explore a repository of research papers, theses, and dissertations produced by GMU students and faculty. This digital archive showcases the academic achievements of our community.

Library Orientation Program

GMU Library Orientation Program is designed to familiarize library users with the various facets of our library, from its physical layout to its extensive digital resources. By the end of the program, library users will have a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate our library effectively, access the materials you need, and harness the power of information for your studies and research.

At the beginning of the academic year GMU Library conducts an orientation program and bibliographic instructions to the library users on the following topics.

  • How to use the library.
  • Library rules & services.
  • Library resources.
  • Library portal.

Off Campus Access to Library Resources

GMU library provides convenient and secure off-campus access to our extensive collection of resources. GMU Library Off Campus Access service allows to access digital resources such as e-books, e-journals, databases, and other online materials from the comfort of the user’s home, workplace, or any location with an internet connection.

Extended Hours

During exam periods and high-demand times, GMU library offers extended hours.

Visit Us

GMU Library is not just a repository of books; it’s a dynamic center of learning, collaboration, and exploration. We invite you to explore our facilities, take advantage of our services, and embark on a journey of knowledge that will enrich your academic and professional life.

Procedures for availing Library services

  • Eligibility: The registered students and faculty of GMU are eligible to access library facilities and services.
  • Number of Books: The students can borrow maximum of two books and faculty can have a maximum of ten books. The students can borrow additional two more books in special cases like preparing for seminars or writing an assignment.
  • Period of borrowing: Students can borrow books for a period of two weeks. This can be extended by one renewal as long as there is no holding request for the same book. For faculty, the period of borrowing is three months.
  • Authentication for issuing books: The authentication for issuing a book is College ID for students and HR issued punching number for staff. The library in- charge will record the details in the library automation software (Autolib).
  • No- Dues Certificate:
    • Students: The students have to collect a no-dues certificate for receiving hall ticket and getting the course completion certificate. For collecting no-dues certificate, students have to return all borrowed books and clear all the library dues.
    • Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff have to collect a no-dues certificate from the Library for the final settlement before leaving GMU.

Library Fine

The users have to pay a penalty for overdue, damage and loss of books. A fine of one AED per day will be levied as penalty for overdue books.   If the fine is more than the cost of the latest edition of the book, the user has to pay the cost of the latest edition of the book including procuring expenses equivalent to 10% of the cost of book. Users cannot borrow further books until due items are returned, and penalties paid. The Library fine will not be collected during the vacation (spring, fall and summer) period.

In case of loss, users have to pay the cost of the latest edition of the book and procuring expenses equivalent to 10% of the cost of the book.

Library Visitors Procedure

The GMU library reference facility is available to visitors who get permission from the office of the Vice Chancellor, Academics. The visitor must submit the request in the prescribed request form to the library in charge. After reviewing, the library-in-charge submits the form to the office of the Vice Chancellor Academics for approval through proper channel. The library visitors request form is given as Appendix 02 to the Library SOP. Once approved, the library-in-charge will inform the visitor and a copy of the approval is sent to the GMU security office.

The visitor has to collect the GMU Library visitors Badge from the GMU security office and must display Visitor Badge when he/she is in the library. The visitor has to return the badge at the GMU security office after use.

GMU users can access ‘online databases’ through the library e-portal with their own username and password. Library E-Portal: [link]

List of Subscribed Databases

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Sunday: Holiday