Admission Entrance Exam (AEE)


The purpose of the Admission Exam is to provide an assessment to candidates from different high school education system, nationalities within the UAE, and those from outside countries in order to select the best students that are eligible for the undergraduate programs. This is a mandate requirement as per ministry guidelines to test the knowledge base (cognitive level) and Multiple Mini interview (MMI)  non – cognitive level for selection of best students. The test is administered to those who have not submitted the minimum EmSAT Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics requirement.

The Admission Entrance Exam will have two sections:

  1. Part 1 MCQs. single best answer test (60 MCQ questions  for MBBS and 55 questions for BDS and Pharm D program)) Timing: 45 minutes
  2. Part 2 MMI stations – written (6 stations) testing non-cognitive skills such as Professionalism, Honesty, Ethical approach, Cultural diversity, Critical thinking and Healthcare system. Timing: 60 minutes

Structure of the MCQ test

The Part 1 MCQ test items draw upon basic science knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics that are usually taught in secondary education (High schools Grade 10, 11 and 12). The test explores whether a candidate has the minimum level of core scientific knowledge and the ability to apply it.

The cut off score and result will be determined by standard setting. There are no penalties for incorrect responses, only marks for correct answers, so candidates should attempt all questions. Each question is worth one mark.  Only single retest will be allowed as per the directions of the Admission Committee.

Topics covered

Biology: all body systems like Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Reproductive, Endocrine, Skeletal, Urinary etc. structure and their functions,  Life process, Control and Coordination Heredity Evolution, Environment, Management of Natural Resources etc.

Chemistry: Acid-Base Reactions, Carbon compounds, Elements, Periodic classification of Elements, etc.

Physics: Electricity, Light reflection – refraction, sources of energy, magnetic effects of electric current, sources of energy, etc.

Mathematics: Fractions, Decimal, Number system, Basic Statistics (Mean, Median and mode) percentage, Sets and Functions.

Calculators and Copy of Periodic table may be used for calculations and reference.

Questions in section 2 will be Multiple Mini interview (written format for non-cognitive areas. These are six stations where the cases are presented and the applicant is evaluated on the skills and approach on Communication, professionalism. Ethical issues, Critical thinking, Cultural diversity and insight knowledge of the healthcare system.

Test process and result

Applicants whose credentials have been accepted as adequate by the Admissions Committee are informed about the date and time for the admission test followed by a personal interview by the admission committee.

The Admission test is conducted in the campus in the university or virtual (online) as requested.

All interviewed candidates are short-listed by the Admissions Committee and the final selection is recommended on merit basis using admission exam result as one component of a variety of selection decision including the personal interview and the final Grade 12 score result and English proficiency. The decision of the Admission Committee will be final.

Results are informed to the candidates by the selection / Offer letter.