PharmD Student Learns Together With Peers From Multiple Health Professions And Describes Rational Pharmacotherapy In An Orthopaedic Patient

On March 11, 2019, final year PharmD student Mariam Aboulilah participated in the monthly Inter-professional Education (IPE) case discussion session held at Thumbay Hospital Ajman, along with other students from Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Nursing, Medical Science Laboratory, and Anaesthesia Surgical Technology disciplines.

For the interprofessional case learning and discussion, a case on “Total Knee Osteoarthritis” was selected, and the students collectively prepared the case under the supervision of clinical preceptors, faculty mentors and treating Orthopedician. Further, the participating students interacted with the patient and had group discussions amongst them during multiple occasions, the focus being ‘learning together’ from each other’s expertise in understanding and solving the patient’s clinical condition.

During the presentation, Mariam focused on the patient’s drug therapy and discussed the rationale behind pre, peri and post-operative medications given to the patient during his hospital stay, as well as the discharge medications with specific counseling points pertinent to their safe and effective use. She then critically reviewed the appropriateness of all the medications given to the patient with valid drug information resources and highlighted the evidence from standard evidence-based resources. Also, she highlighted the importance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis after surgery with Enoxaparin, its cost versus benefits, and antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical site infections, among others.

Dr. Subish Palaian, Chair of the College of Pharmacy IPE committee commented: These interactions among students across health professions results in a better understanding on their roles in patient care and assuming their professional responsibilities as healthcare team members, thus inculcating professional values and fostering a culture of better preparedness for ‘working together’ after graduation.