Mission, Responsibilities and Organizational Chart


To monitor and systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the University academic programs and support services and in turn use the evaluation results in planning, establishing priorities and continuous quality enhancement of all GMU operations.

Responsibilities of QA&IE Unit

The responsibilities of the QA&IE Unit include:

  1. Design and administer various evaluations and surveys.
  2. Monitor the use of survey results in enhancing institutional effectiveness.
  3. Report to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors on the effectiveness of all GMU programs and the quality of all services and operations within GMU.
  4. Provide full support in national and international accreditation taking place at the University/Program levels.
  5. Develop and monitor outcome measures of institutional effectiveness.
  6. Manage the database of the University with the utmost quality and credibility as per national and international standards.
  7. Coordinate and work with all data custodians to ensure high-level accuracy and consistency in reports across university-wide operations.
  8. Analyze programmatic and institutional data for continuous quality enhancement.
  9. Provide critical information related to institutional planning and risk management.

Organizational Chart QA&IE Unit