PharmD Student Presents on Pharmacotherapy of Ischemic Stroke During Inter-Professional Education Session

On November 21, 2018, final year PharmD student Keziah Williams participated in the inter- professional education (IPE) case discussion along with one student each from College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences. The case selected for the IPE session was ‘Ischemic stroke’ and the students collectively prepared the case under the supervision of Faculty mentors and treating Neurologist, and presented at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman for the audience across health professions and students from various health disciplines of Gulf Medical University. The presentation focused on the areas of expertise of each of the students based on their health profession background.

During the presentation, PharmD student Ms. Keziah began by pointing out the Goals of pharmacotherapy and highlighted the guidelines followed while treating the patient. Then she started discussing about the medications given to the patient during hospital stay as well as the discharge medications. The choice and appropriateness of the medications were validated based on evidences from the latest clinical trials and evidence-based updates. Lastly, she concluded by discussing the optimal monitoring plan, lifestyle modifications and the follow up and advise for the patient.

The MBBS student Ms. Amina Abdisalam presented on the patient details, history of presenting illness, clinical examination, lab results and finally arrived at the diagnosis of the patient. She further elaborated the patient progress during hospital stay and clinical course of the patient. Ms. Amna Bhukari, the BSc Medical Imaging Sciences student from the College of Health Sciences presented on the brain MRI images of the patient and discussed in detail the MRI report and emphasized the role of MRI in diagnosis of stroke.