Thumbay Institute of Population Health

The Thumbay Institute of Population Health (TIPH) is an academic institution focusing on public health research, education, and innovation. It is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the population by addressing the health determinants and providing evidence-based solutions to promote health equity.

TIPH is a multidisciplinary institution that brings together experts from various fields, including Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Promotion, and Health Services Research. Its research agenda is driven by the need to address public health issues, such as chronic diseases, infectious diseases, mental health, environmental health, occupational health and health disparities. The TIPH intends to collaborate with community organizations, government agencies and reputed academic institutions to conduct research that has real-world impact. The TIPH is committed to educating the next generation of public health professionals. It shall offer continuous professional development certificate courses, master and doctoral programs that provide students with a strong foundation in public health theory, research methods, and practice.

One of the key areas of research at the TIPH shall be the prevention and management of the Big Four diseases in the UAE, which are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory diseases, that pose significant public health challenges and contribute significantly to the morbidity and mortality in many countries, including the UAE. The TIPH shall conduct research on the risk factors of these diseases, the effectiveness of prevention and management strategies, and the impact of physical, mental and social determinants of health on the big four diseases. This research will lead to the development of evidence-based guidelines for the big four disease prevention and management, as well as interventions to improve health outcomes for people.

Evidence-based Medicine is the guiding principle of the Institute of Population Health, underpinning our commitment to advancing community well-being. It entails the conscientious use of the best available evidence, expert judgment, and community preferences in designing and implementing public health policies and interventions. Through meticulous research and critical evaluation, we strive to identify strategies that have effectively promoted health and prevented disease. By prioritizing evidence-based approaches, our institute ensures that our efforts yield tangible, positive impacts on population health outcomes.

In addition to its research and education activities, the TIPH shall be involved in innovation and knowledge translation by working closely with community organizations, government agencies, and industry partners to develop innovative solutions to public health challenges. It shall strive to translate its research findings into policy and practice.