TRIPM aims to become a national center of excellence in applied biomedical research and a regional leader in developing innovative personalized medicine. It will facilitate capacity building and promote interdisciplinary research by sustaining scientific excellence and contributing to the nation’s international competitiveness in the field of cancer research and treatment. The institute will be actively involved in translational research areas covering fundamental and experimental oncology and diabetes. To achieve this vision, the institute will build on synergy and complementarity with international centers of excellence and their expertise.


TRIPM will conduct basic, translational and clinical research in the frame of Thumbay hospitals and laboratories with an emphasis on translating scientific research results into clinical applications. It will bring innovation in cancer experimental research and diabetes in order to translate personalized cancer medicine discoveries into standards of patient care. Our strategy is based on a continuous commitment to excellence to build-up human capacity and physical resources required for addressing the health challenges and strive to provide an appropriate environment for education and training.