Student Research


Prof. Hossam Hamdy

Chancellor, Gulf Medical University

Our project with GEMS Schools ‘The Future Scientists of UAE’ has proven to be a great success. The Students are highly motivated and excited that they are learning in a state of the art research facility. Learning how to think like their mentors – the researchers. We look forward this year to have another group of students.



Prof. Salem Chouaib

Director Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine
Vice Chancellor for Research Gulf Medical University

The Future Scientists of the UAE program is a vibrant, productive, and memorable program. We were constantly and extremely impressed by the GEMS student talent.  Students had relentless curiosity and motivation. Accordingly, we remain committed to train such ambitious minds and hope that this program will further enlighten them to discover biomedical research and its application in understanding and treating human disease.

Dear students, all my colleagues at TRIPM are very pleased to mentor you and will do their best to help you become autonomous learners with deep perseverance. TRIPM will continue to open its doors for you to share with our research the most recent advances made in life sciences in certain domains like cancer biology, cancer immunology and cancer immunotherapy. I am confident that this training and exposure to biomedical research will help you discover what you want to pursue in life.

Finally, introducing a research culture in this region is our challenge. You are potential vectors and the driving force behind this process, and your commitment is certainly very reassuring for the future of research in the UAE.


The “Future Scientists of the UAE” program is an innovative educational enrichment internship program initiated by Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE in collaboration with GEMS International Schools. The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity for high school students to focus intensively on biomedical research.  The future scientists of the UAE program is designed to attract talented and exceptionally motivated students and to nurture their interests in biology and biomedical research as a career.

Through this program we aim to bring the excitement of the pursuit of science through knowledge and understanding of the biological world by following a systematic methodology based on evidence.  We aim to attract talent to the study of sciences at an early age and thus build effective talent pools to strengthen and expand the Science and Technology and Research and Development systems in the UAE.  Students from grades 10 and 11 are selected for this program through a competitive admission process.

  • To identify students with talent and aptitude for research
  • To help participants realize and fulfill their academic potential in sciences
  • To encourage participants to choose science-based research careers
  • To ensure the growth of scientific minds for further development of UAE

Students will learn:

  • Laboratory safety techniques
  • Basic cell biology and molecular biology techniques
  • How to use and apply the latest laboratory tools used in the field of biomedical research as it pertains to cancer biology
  • Research design
DURATION Phase 1: Basic lab techniques; dissecting a research paper (6 months)

Phase 2: Project specific laboratory techniques (6 months)

Phase 3: Project related experiments (6 months)

Phase 4: Project conclusion (3 months)

SESSION DETAILS Sessions are held at the Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine laboratories at Gulf Medical University on Saturday mornings for a duration ranging from four to five hours.
Specific hands-on laboratory techniques learned Tissue culture of human cell lines (sterile techniques, media preparation, trypsin usage, incubator usage, following the growth of a cell line and identification of common contaminants), PCR and quantitative PCR; light, fluorescent and confocal microscopy; DNA and RNA isolation from Cell lines; protein purification from cancer cells, separation of proteins by gel electrophoresis and identification of proteins by western blot, fluorescent activated cell sorting.

Applications open on Sept 15 – Oct 15
Program opening ceremony Oct 25 (tentative)
Program start date Nov 2 (tentative)
Application and queries should be submitted to:

  • Only complete applications will be accepted
  • Students will be notified when their application is considered for the interview phase
  • To create a more diverse cohort of GEMS scientists, we will be limiting participants to a maximum of two students per GEMS school
  • Parents and students are responsible for transport from/to GMU
  • Graduation / completion date – June 2023

Application Documents Needed in Email Form:

Personal Info

  • Formal Passport Name
  • Nationality on Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Grade Level for AY2019-2020
  • GEMS School attending and curriculum for this coming year
  • GEMS Advisor name and email
  • Parent contact name, cellular and email


  • Grade 9 & 10 / Year 11 & 12 transcripts, predicted grades, exam results (as appropriate)
  • List of Grade 11 / Year 12 courses for AY2020-2021
  • Recommendation (250 words or less) via email from one of the following: GEMS Science Teacher, Advisor, Principal
  • Science course additional information for any secondary program, school course, extracurricular activities, etc.


250 words or less via Email or Word Document (Formal with ALL Personal Info included in file):

Why do you want to join the GMU-GEMS Future Scientists of the UAE Program and how does it fit into your future undergraduate plans for a research or medical academic career in the future?  Please include your research interests for this program which includes GMU Faculty mentorship and potential research projects that could lead to medical publications as a research team.

Exposure to the university and lab environment along with insight to the work of the professors and students gave me wonderful perspective of what a career in the medical research field would look like, consolidating my desire to pursue this path in life.  The experiments we got to witness or even perform in the lab, like RNA extraction or gel electrophoresis, helped me better conceptualize the theory that I learn at school, and made me feel like I had an edge over my peers.

Divyanshi Mohnot
Gems United Indian School
Year 11- 2019

I realized that I am very good at working in small teams and with practice I got better at using equipment’s like pipettes, measuring the volume of reagents to be added, centrifuging solutions, and preparing slides, which are steps present in almost all experiments. I also came to know about the common mistakes which all make while performing experiments and how I can avoid them. This experience made me realize one of my strength- accurately following instruction and learning from my mistakes. I also developed my problem-solving abilities as each experiment involved certain level of calculations, calibrating instruments, and breaking down experiment into step and understanding its use.

Garvit Arora
Gems Modern Academy
Year 11- 2019

This program has allowed me to have a greater understanding of cancer cell functions, I am now able to understand basic techniques such as DNA isolation and how to measure DNA and RNA contents and assess their purity by gel electrophoresis and nanodrop. I would love to learn more about how cancer cells are targeted by the immune system.

Rosemary Woolley
JC – GEMS Jumeirah College Dubai
Year 12 – 2018

Research allows us to understand and see beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. My experience in the “Future Scientists of UAE” program, allowed me to expand my horizon, it has made me more experienced than other people my own age, and it will help me in determining which field to focus in my future career.

Ahsan Nayaz
OOB – GEMS Our Own Own English High School, Sharjah – Boy’s Branch
Grade 10 – 2018

To me, research is important as making discoveries can help people cure diseases. This experience has broadened my perspective and now I know that I definitely want to work in the medical field. As I am a social, visual and physical learner, being in the lab with my classmates has been very effective in developing my learning.

Tasnim Neetoo
WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Year 11 – 2018

Name Grade where are they now GEMS School
Snehit Scroff 12 WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Rosemary Woolley 12 JC – GEMS Jumeirah College Dubai
Varsha Bijali 12 Medicine at Charles University – Prague JC – GEMS Jumeirah College Dubai
Jakub Wysowski 12 Medicine at St Georges Medical School, University of London- UK WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Sama Albanna 12 WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Avani Sharma 11 Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences at McMaster University – Canada GAA AD – GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi
Priyanka Kannan 11 RCSI Ireland or UK Medicine GAA AD – GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi
Kieran Youssef 11 WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Tasnim Neetoo 11 Master of chiropractic at AECC University college – UK WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Joao Ponce 11 Biomedicine – Physiology at McGill – Canada GIS – GEMS International School Dubai
Adithya Matthew Ajith 10 MBChB medicine Sheffield GAA AD – GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi
Ishaan Dureja 10 DAA – GEMS Dubai American Academy
Arisma Arora 10 GMA – GEMS Modern Academy Dubai
Name Grade where are they now School
Laiba Imran Sohail 12 BSc Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University, UK GEMS Cambridge International School
Farah Wael 12 Medicine University of Buckingham – UK GEMS Cambridge International School
Shafaq Rizwan 12 MBBS GMU GEMS Cambridge International School
Ruchika Uday Prakash Pissay 12 Biomedical Engineering at University of Cinicinatti – USA GEMS Founders School
Shaima Mazin 12 Our Own English High School
Pratham Dhawan 12 GEMS Wellington International School
Tariq Shah 12 BSC Medical Sciences Univ of Sidney – Australia GEMS Wellington International School
Aysha Ali 12 Chemical Engineering University of Sharjah  – UAE Emirates National School – Sharjah
Youssef Ahmed 11 GEMS Cambridge International School
Divyanshi Mohnot 11 GEMS United Indian School
Sherin Mubarak 11 GEMS New Millennium School
Muskan Sayed 11 GEMS United Indian School
Gautam Nandakumar 11 MBBS Medicine University of East Anglia – Norwich Medical School – UK GEMS Modern Academy
Garvit Arora 11 Medicine University of Buckingham – UK GEMS Modern Academy
Gyeol (Esther) Jung 11 GEMS Wellington International
Aishwarya Shankar 11 GEMS Millennium School
Meghna Mohanty 11 GEMS Wellington International
Chitranjan muthu 11 the Indian School Dubai
Aysha saeed Alshamsi 10 ATHS Ajman

Concluding Ceremony of the Future Scientists of the UAE program 2021