Scientific Programs

The research programs are multi-disciplinary and address 2 diseases of high prevalence in the region and identified as national health priorities:  Cancer and Diabetes

These programs are innovative as they are aiming at adapting modern oncology and innovation sharing and structuring as they are devoted to extend the bridge between the UAE oncology and diabetic community

Cancer Program

A multidisciplinary comprehensive and translational research program   focused on cancer immunology and immunotherapy

It is a multidisciplinary comprehensive and translational cancer research program. There are some challenges in cancer biology research and in particular in the field of cancer immunology and immunotherapy which is at present imposed as the most promising fourth modality of cancer treatment. Our ambition is to participate through the TRIPM research program to the improvement of this therapeutic approach and also to bring innovation in this region. We will focus on the following:

  1. Cancer Biology: Tumor microenvironment induced tumor heterogeneity and immune plasticity.
  2. Tumor immunology and immunotherapy: From basic research to the development on preclinical models to investigate new combination treatments.
  3. Tumor circulating DNA (from research to diagnostic): Our objective is to establish the first liquid biopsy in the region.

Our objective is to develop novel immune modulating cancer therapeutics based on an in-depth understanding of the interaction between tumor microenvironment, tumor immunogenicity and innate and adaptive immunity.

Bridging Diabetes to Cancer

The TRIPM strategy will be based on a joint research program with the Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research (RCDR) at Sheikh Khalifa Hospital. Our main and initial goal is to identify genetic determinants bridging diabetes and cancer in UAE’s population.