Ms. Sija Binoy

Lecturer, Medical & Surgical Nursing

Ms. Sija Binoy is serving as Lecturer in Anesthesia and Surgical Technology Program at Gulf Medical University from September 2014. She has 12 years of clinical and teaching experience of graduate and post graduate nursing students.  She has served as examiner for graduate and post graduate examinations under various universities and examining bodies in India. She has received many rewards in paper and poster presentations. She has organized many state and national level conferences.

Areas of interest

  • Teaching methodologies
  • Technology involved in wound management
  • Innovations in nursing education
  • Strategies in clinical teaching and supervision
  • Evidence-based nursing


  • BSc Nursing from College of Nursing, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, India in 1999.
  • MSc Nursing (Medical-Surgical Nursing) from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing, Delhi University in 2005.
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Profession Education (GDHPE) from Gulf Medical University in 2015.
  • Pursuing Ph.D. in Nursing from Maharaj Vinayak Global University, India.

Selected Publications

  • Sija B. Traumatic Brain Injury. Indian Journal of Holistic Nursing. 2007;3(2):8-12.
  • Sija B. General Infection Control Measures. Indian Journal of Holistic Nursing. 2008; 4(3):21-26.
  • Sija B. Stressors of Critical Care Nursing. Trends in Nursing Administration and Education. 2009;2(2):11-17.
  • Sija B. Coronary Revascularization. Indian Journal of Holistic Nursing. 2011;7(4): 17-22.
  • Sija B. Imperative Learning through Concept Mapping. Trends in Nursing Administration and Education. 2012;4(1): 20-22.
  • Sunita Lawrence, Sija B. “Our Dynamic Legend: Florence Nightingale” 2011.