Since day one of my RN-BSN program, the teachers imparted a sense of connect with all of my class mates. They customized the study material according to the needs of each one of us. My teachers made themselves readily available for all my queries, questions and concerns. My graduate learning experience has been very impressive and transformative from Diploma Nursing to BSN. I did not expect it to be any better than what was possible because of my teachers. The curriculum allowed a lot of flexibility and that permitted me to work and pursue my studies.
I have no words to describe my appreciation for all my faculty at Gulf Medical University. I will dearly cherish these values for the rest of my Nursing and Academic career.
Ms. Amani Zaid Abed Al Khalek
RNBSN Cohort Batch 2018

I chose Gulf Medical University to pursue my BSN Program because of accessibility and approachability. I was not looking for a College that was easy to study, but was welcoming. I was embraced into the program with full confidence and support of the Faculty. I gained confidence that I could be truly successful in my chosen path and they encouraged me endlessly in this endeavor. I was encouraged to pursue topics pertaining to how nursing can positively impact and support social change. This program has prepared me professionally and helped me to grow personally too. For this, I will be always grateful.
Ms. Fatemeh Koohizadeh
BSN Cohort Batch 2015

I had plenty of experience in GMU especially the multicultural environment which has always given me a positive vibe. I have now a profound understanding of cultural practices and preferences. The College has given me a dynamic learning experience, conducive environment, good faculty, clinical exposure and right friends.
Nursing requires focus, time management and good communication skills. I learnt through various teaching styles used by faculty and their ability to help us adapt to current nursing practices. I am confident, I am prepared for an entry-level nursing job at any health facility. I am thankful for my four years of Nursing’s program at GMU which helped me develop strong study habits and skills that will help to build my future career and higher education.
Ms. Maryam Abdo Ali Shamsan
BSN Cohort Batch 2016

Becoming a Nurse is a role I have always desired; although I didn’t know what it entailed as a child. Coming to GMU to pursue it was even more scary, as I was far away from home and had no idea what I have signed up for. But thank GOD for my amazing teachers who encouraged and motivated me to develop the confidence which was hidden inside me.  This institution has really helped me to grow as a person and learn life skills. I can’t say it was an easy journey, nonetheless, the institute has taught me that “learning never ends”. I want to thank all the faculty members for their endless efforts in carving my life as a Professional Nurse.
Ms. Jelilatu Abla Disu
1st Batch, 2014