Career Advising

Career Advising Session: Spring 2021

2nd Session: Your CV is your Calling Card

New nursing graduates and student nurses of the final year often find themselves asking, “What next?” As they slowly unfurl their wings and learn to take baby steps the reality of a whole new career world opens up in front of them, bringing in fears and challenges.

In today’s era, any student is flooded with information overload, whether it is CV writing or facing interviews. Students are self-reliant in preparing their own resumes and preparing themselves to showcase themselves. However, the accuracy of their information may be questionable. And how do they ensure that their efforts are broadcasted in the best possible light.

This being a felt need, College of Nursing, organized a career advising session for the new graduates and senior students. With a tag line of “Your CV is your Calling Card”, the students were made to realize and appreciate the importance and impact of this career advising session.

Ms. Mary Ann Washington graciously accepted to present on, ‘CV Writing, Networking Etiquette, and Interview preparation’ – all hot topics for the young nurses stepping out on their career paths. The session was planned on 27th July, 2021 at 10:00 am on Google meet.

Dean Prof. Selva Titus Chacko introduced the speaker who was currently in India. During the introduction it was evident from her experience and background, why Ms. Mary Ann Washington, was the apt choice for delivering the topic.

Dynamic slide show, and graceful presentation by Ms. Mary Ann Washington captivated the audience right from the first slide. It is a silent testimony to the success of the program that the audience numbers were steady till the very end of the session.

Students when encouraged to ask questions, had very pertinent questions, like how to show experience when you didn’t have any as a new graduate, whom to keep as referees and such like – indicating that the session was well attended by all.

The session continued till 11;15 am, with Prof. Selva also joining in with her expert comments and insights.

The session concluded with a warm vote of thanks by Dean and faculty.

1st Session: Professionalism in Nursing

College of Nursing understands that providing appropriate resources and strategies are necessary to steer the students in the right direction as they advance through their academics.

Often times, career advising is provided on the different paths that are available for the students, and how the students can achieve their goals, once it is set. Career advisors illuminate the various opportunities available for a new graduate.

Understanding the need of the time, the first career advising session of 2021 was innovatively planned to be on Professionalism in Nursing. In the times when the world is in the grips of COVID19 pandemic, and healthcare workers are struggling to maintain their grip on the surging numbers testing their resilience and experience, it becomes necessary for nurses to take a pause and take stock of their own guiding principles.

Dr. Leah Macaden, Senior Lecturer & Senior Fellow (UK Higher Education Academy) very graciously accepted the request to address our nursing students on this very dynamic topic. On 22nd February 2021 at 3:30 pm, all the students and faculty of College of Nursing were prompt in being present online, for the career advising session.

Ms. Sija Binoy was the host for the session.  Dean Dr. Selva Titus Chacko introduced the speaker who was joining us from Scotland, and gave a brief overview of the topic of discussion.

From her opening remarks, Dr. Leah Macaden intrigued and ignited the enthusiasm of the young listeners. The students listened in rapt attention as Dr.  Macaden gave live examples, and played videos to explain about the various ways that a nurse uses professionalism in Nursing.

The question-answer session was buzzing with activity, as students vied with each other for an opportunity to ask questions. Students asked very intelligent, thought-provoking and pertinent questions like, “How do we know where to draw the line in our interactions with patients?”, “Why is so much importance placed on professionalism?” and “Will acquiring higher qualification, help in upgrading one’s professionalism? etc.” Dr. Macaden enjoyed the questions and answered them with poise and conviction. The question answer session was very interactive & lively, that it had to be extended for 15 minutes to accommodate maximum questions to be answered by the speaker. Students also gave a very positive feedback that the session provided them with an insight on how a nurse must think & act, not only when she is with patients, but also outside her workplace, and that professional integrity gets translated into personal integrity.

Career Advising Session: Fall 2020

2nd Session: Scope of Nursing Practice in UAE

Advising is a form of teaching and all effective teaching begins with the identification of student learning outcomes. Helping a student clarify and set career goals becomes a paramount task in the academic advising process. Knowing when to give information, and understanding what kind and how much information is needed, requires expertise and attention from an advisor. Students often lack awareness of the relevance and impact of career decisions of their future.

The second career advising session was organized for freshman, middleman and final year students on 24th December, 2020. A renowned and dignified person of MOHAP, UAE had accepted the invitation and conducted a very informative and fruitful session.

Dr. Fatima Ahmed Haroon Al Balooshi (Speaker) was introduced by Prof. Selva Titus Chacko, Dean of the College of Nursing. Dr. Fatima is the Head of Planning Sector/Nursing Expert in Ministry of Health & Prevention, Dubai, UAE. She has contributed immensely in all the professional advancement activities as well as in adoption of innovative strategies for enhancing the role of Nursing in UAE. Her wide experience in the area of School Health services, Diabetes and First aid has helped in taking up bigger tasks and responsibilities in MOHAP.

Dr. Fatima in the beginning explained the wide Scope of nursing practice in UAE. The changing role of nurses at National level was also presented in a simple way to the degree of comprehension of undergraduate students. The speaker expressed the need for promoting Competency-based Nursing education to achieve these goals. Furthermore, she also discussed the competency standards which a graduate must possess after completion of her/his BSN program. She emphasized the vital role of nurses in the current Pandemic situation. The event concluded with a very lively interactive session where the students asked many pertinent questions with regards to procuring licensure, opportunities of pursing higher education, privileges and their scope of various levels of Nursing practice in UAE. She discussed the job responsibilities, privileges and benefits of working in clinical and community set up. At the end of the session, Prof. Selva Titus Chacko thanked the speaker for sparing her valuable time from the busy schedule in sharing and interacting with the students. Feedback of the session was also collected from all the BSN students.

1st Session: Career Pathways in Nursing

Nursing is a versatile career. Nurses are the most prodigious human resource in healthcare. A career is a lifelong commitment to a job or line of work. It starts from the client’s birth and continues throughout their life span. As a nurse, it is important to carry the attributes of being caring, compassionate, understanding, non judgmental, realistic, open-minded, honest and ethically right.

Nursing students can explore the incredibly diverse array of nursing options through various platforms. The career advising session helps to navigate the possibilities and literally steer the career in the right direction. It is important to create a pathway so that the freshman, middle and senior level nursing students carve a future for themselves in nursing.

Keeping this thought in mind, career advising session was organized for all of the BSN students. An eminent and renowned speaker, Dr. Sailaxmi Gandhi,  Add. Professor and Head of the Department, NIMHANS, Bangalore, India accepted the invitation and conducted a very fruitful session. The speaker in the introduction portion began with definition of nursing and the known roles of nurses. In the changing healthcare system, the role of registered nurses has become distinguishable from other health care providers. To add on to the information, the speaker elaborated on the expanded and extended role of nurses.  The event concluded with case vignettes and interactive session, which provided an opportunity to determine the comprehension of the topic by the students. Feedback of the session was also collected from all BSN students.