Workshop on ‘Setting up the Course Gradebook in Moodle’

The ‘Course Grade book’  is a platform in the Moodle software which aids the faculty with the ease of calculating Assessment of each courses for each student in a cohort. The Moodle Gradebook automatically aggregates scores and feedback from Assignments, Course Presentations, Class tests and Midsemester Examination grades from Moodle courses. Students can view their own grades in individualized reports which protects student privacy.

With regards to achieve the above goal, the College of Nursing organized a Faculty Development Workshop titled ‘Setting Up the Course Gradebook in Moodle’, on November 23rd, 2022. The session was delivered by Mr. Suraj K. Sebastian, E-learning Manager and IT Lecturer, Gulf Medical University. Faculty members were guided on how to create a Gradebook for their assigned courses.


The session was extremely beneficial as he demonstrated the faculty how to construct folders for formative, continuous, and summative assessments before moving the results of class tests, written assignments, and course work into the Gradebook.

Mr. Suraj also showed to faculty how to hide the End Semester Examination Marks if required from students in the Gradebook.

At the end of the session, Mr Suraj took a redemonstrations from all the faculty in creating a Gradebook in one’s own assigned courses under his guidance.


The faculty participated actively by asking relevant questions and clarifications. It was mandated by the Assessment committee coordinator to ensure the Grade Book is created for each course for the Fall Semester by all the Faculty.

A weekly session will be conducted as a follow up to review on the progress of the implementation of the Grade book to be able to completely immerse into the Folio 360 during the Spring Semester 2023.