Faculty Development Program – Plagiarism Detection Tools

On Sunday April 11th, 2021 at 12:00pm, the CON organized a Faculty Development Workshop on ”PLAGIARISM DETECTION TOOLS (Turnitin and IThenticate). An interactive and informative session was conducted by Mr. Suraj K Sebastian- E- Learning Manager & IT Lecturer highlighting how to use the Software Tools to identify Similarities and Plagiarism.

Mr. Suraj explained that ‘’IThenticate’’ is a plagiarism detection software that is designed to be used by researchers to ensure the originality of the written research document before publication. While Turnitin is designed to meet the needs of faculty for their courses; it helps to check the originality of submitted work of the students, or for students to submit and check the level of repetition of their submitted document to the literature or another student.  He recommended the faculty to use the “Grammarly tool’’ which is helpful in improving writing skills and can be used also by the students.

The session threw light on how to check & gauge on students’ performance on any written document by themselves or if it is copied from another document or lifted from literature. The only way to improve the skill in using Turnitin is by using it more frequently and gain mastery of the software.