Faculty Development Program – Basics on Health Care Simulation

On March 31st, 2021 at 9:30 am, Ms. Sandhya Arun, Training Manager- Simulation, conducted a workshop on – ‘Basics on Health Care Simulation’ and oriented the College of Nursing Faculty to the Centre for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare (C.A.S.H) facilities. It comprises of a complete Hospital set up including Adult & Child health ICU, Emergency, General Ward, Operation theatre and OPD. She also oriented on the use of different types of Simulators available as Low Fidelity, Mid Fidelity, and High Fidelity Simulators and other models and equipment available for teaching and assessment.

Ms. Sandhya accompanied the faculty on a tour to the CASH facility and demonstrated the function of each of the manikins and models. The Faculty participated actively with hands on experience as well asking relevant questions and clarifications.