Community Engagement Activity: School Health Program at Ajman Secondary School, Ajman

As part of community health nursing posting, the 8th Semester BSN Program students conducted a School health awareness Program on the theme of “Promoting Physical & Mental Health”, in Ajman Secondary School, Ajman, 6th March 2023, to promote Physical and Mental Health of Adolescents global priority and act urgently so that everyone has access to quality health.


The students conducted health education program regarding healthy habits among Secondary school girls between 9:00 am to 1.00 pm. The students of BSN cohort 2019 displayed posters on understanding Benefits of vegetables and Fruits, List of Food items to be Avoided, List of healthy foods to be included, Healthy Shopping, Healthy Plate. The students also did Video demonstration on sleep disorders& Relaxation techniques. The beneficiaries of the program were 25 Students of Ajman Secondary School.


The members present were

  1. .Bismi Riyas(CRN-Ajman PHC)
  2. Hanadhi Amura(Unit Manager-School Health,Ajman)
  3. Lini Shenoj(School Health Nurse-Ajman Secondary School)
  4. Soney M Varghese (Asst. Professor-CON, GMU)
  5. Soma Ibrahim Ali (Asst. Professor-CON, GMU)

Dr. Soma Ibrahim Ali and Dr. Soney M Varghese accompanied the students to School.

The students participated actively by asking relevant questions and clarifications


Program Activities:

  1. Poster Presentation:
    • Benefits of vegetables and Fruits.
    • List of Food items to be Avoided.
    • List of healthy foods to be included.
    • Healthy Shopping.
    • Healthy Plate.
  2. Video demonstration on sleep disorders& Relaxation techniques
  3. Take Home Tips