Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Orientation Program – 2022

College of Nursing, Gulf Medical University conducted the Orientation Program to welcome the freshman batch of BSN students and their parents on 13th September 2022.

The goal of the Orientation Program was to ensure that all the newly inducted students get acquainted to the University, History, Vision, Organization Structure and the Program of study. This helped the freshman batch to get familiarized and acclimatized with the campus, program requirements, faculty, resources and facilities available.


The orientation program began with a video, showcasing the history and milestones of Gulf Medical University, its diverse and vibrant campus and facilities. This was followed by Self Introduction & Ice breaking session by Dr. Mary Walton, Assistant Professor which facilitated the students to get comfortable and familiarize with each other.

Prof. Selva Titus Chacko, Dean welcomed the novice students to the College of Nursing. She also briefed on the fascinating career and various opportunities awaiting them after completion of their Bachelor’s degree in nursing.


Dr. Beryl Juliet Sam, Program Director oriented them to the BSN program. She highlighted the various teaching, learning methodologies, used as well as the assessment policies and systems in place. Ms. Remya Pillai, Semester Coordinator provided a detailed orientation to the courses for the 1st semester and clarified all doubts related to the academic requirements, and examinations.

Prof. Tatjana Ille, Head of General Education Department, oriented the students to different general education courses they will be having in Semester 1 and how the general education courses can benefit them in their BSN program.


Ms. Burcu Aydin, Associate Director of Student Affairs, oriented the students on various student engagement activities, clubs and facilities available for students in GMU.

Mr. Daies Idiculla, Chief Librarian, oriented the students on library facilities and e-learning resources in detail. Mr. Suraj Sebastian, E-learning manager explained about the e-learning and the Student Management system (Moodle platform) utilized in the University.


Finally, freshman students were introduced to their course faculty and emails to communicate with them. The students were taken for a campus tour to show them the Lecture Halls, Transportation Desk and other facilities available. The students were given time to clarify any doubts related to any concern they had. The ‘Orientation program’ was a memorable day for each student and gave them an overview of how exciting their life would be at GMU. The program concluded at around 2.00 pm.