Student Support & Well Being

Peer Guide Program


The purpose of the Peer Guide Program is to assist first year students in making a successful transition to Gulf Medical University through intentional interaction and leadership provided by peer guides. Peer Guides are experienced students who volunteer to assist in the Peer Guide Program because of their genuine interest in the educational and personal advancement of students. They serve students as a coach, friend, and most of all, a positive role model.


Through this connection, the Peer has the opportunity to discuss difficulties and issues he/she is experiencing with someone who has already experienced these same issues. The Guide provides emotional, mental, and social support, discusses resources available and enables the peer to make choices about their future endeavours during their academic life and even after.


The goal of the Peer Guide Program is to provide information, support, and resources to Peers, including:

  • Create and strengthen a sense of community among first year students
  • Increase use of curricular and co-curricular resources among first year students
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for upper class students
  • Help them through the emotions encountered by social and academic difficulties.
  • Give feedback on progress
  • Provide advice when asked for, counsel and support
  • Providing networking with support groups and a list of available resources

Qualifications and Competencies of the Guide:

  • Have desire to serve students in making a successful transition to GMU
  • Be able to answer to questions about campus life
  • Share information about resources available on campus
  • Mentor students on how to be successful within their major and on campus, in general
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills
  • Minimum of first year completion at their degree program to be a guide
  • Be able to commit for the role the entire academic year
  • Submit monthly written report on the peer- guide progress

*if you would like to apply as a guide please contact the Student Affairs Department