College of Medicine, in existence since 1998 has managed to not only impart quality medical education, but has also created a network of healthcare services, a conducive research milieu, and developed unique related avenues for professional development, policy, and leadership to meet the healthcare needs of the nation and the region.

Apart from our flagship Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, College of Medicine offers the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBMS) program, Associate Degree in Preclinical Sciences (ADPCS) program, Masters in Public Health (MPH) program in collaboration with The University of Arizona, USA, Joint Masters in Health Professions Education (JMHPE) Program with FAIMER, USA and the medical internship program.

The competency-based curricula of our accredited programs are benchmarked with internationally known competency frameworks and delivered based on adult-learning principles and sound educational philosophies like social constructivism, community of practice, evidence-based medicine, inter-professional education, etc. with a strong focus on social accountability and community engagement. We have adopted international best practices in teaching/learning and assessment approaches. Students are trained to become self-learners and life-long learners to adapt to the rapidly changing advances in the chosen professional field.

Our unique strength is that we own our clinical training facilities like JCI accredited hospitals, ambulatory healthcare clinics, CAP-accredited diagnostic laboratories, a state-of-the-art advanced Simulation facility and a world-class Research Center forming part of the larger GMU Academic Health System, integrating academia and research with healthcare under one governance providing a unique vehicle of quality in patient care, education and discovery. This has enabled us to embed our students across programs into their workplace environment very early and at another level, employ our graduates in our own facilities.

All our healthcare facilities are approved by the Ministry of Health for internship training We work in close partnership with our health regulatory authorities and healthcare industry for clinical placements and internship training for our students. We have established international collaborations with reputed universities across the globe for student and faculty exchange, elective placements, internship, research and for offering collaborative medical degree programs.

Our alumni remain our best ambassadors. Our 1000+ graduates from over 17 cohorts are well placed across the globe including many practicing in the country and the region contributing to the knowledge and health economy of the nation and the region which aligns with our vision and mission.


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