Student Electives

GMU encourages the students to visit well-known university teaching hospitals in different parts of the world and undergo elective training during the program.

The aims of the Electives are to stimulate the minds of students, expand their horizons of knowledge, and prepare them for future work by letting them observe and learn various skills in a variety of professional settings when exposed to patients with different beliefs, values and culture. The students will become aware of advances in healthcare and research that provide better health outcomes and compare how healthcare is delivered in different countries.

GMU has collaboration with several national and international universities and teaching hospitals to facilitate placement of GMU students only. Click for list of offerings [Link]

GMU students are required to register well in advance through MOODLE by filling up the application form & uploading the relevant documents for processing of the application in time.

Elective Training for External students

The students from other Universities also have the opportunity to do their electives at Gulf Medical University affiliated Thumbay Group of Hospitals / Laboratories / Research Institute.

The Office of the Dean, College of Medicine shall made all necessary help to students regarding the placements for the training. Interested candidates can apply detailing their level of study, specialty preference, and tentative date and duration through email to

“Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu GMU (Thank you very much), Amazing Elective Experience at Thumbay Hospital Ajman. Also made new friends!!” says students from Osaka University, Japan