The research strategy of College of Medicine is to contribute and strengthen the GMU research strategy, encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary research involving clinical sciences and basic sciences and make a positive impact on health care and/or medical education by promoting translational research.

Prof. Jayadevan Sreedharan the Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics and faculty at College of Medicine delivering a keynote address in International conference on Emerging trends in Statistical Data analysis at Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women at Chennai, India.

Prof. Jayadevan Sreedharan the Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics and faculty at College of Medicine delivering a keynote address in International conference on Mixed Method Research at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.

Research on ‘Risk Predictors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus among UAE women’ by Prof. Kadayam Gomathi, Professor of Biochemistry through a Research Grant from the Al Jalila Foundation.

Prof. K. G. Gomathi from Gulf Medical University, Ajman presented a Poster in the IDF Congress 2017

Faculty Research Publication 2019
  • ABUSNANA S, BESHYAH SA, AL-MUTAWA N, TAHHAN R, JALLO M, ARORA R, ET AL. Hypoglycaemia Among Insulin-Treated Patients with Diabetes: Evaluation of the United Arab Emirates cohort of the International Operations-Hypoglycaemia Assessment Tool study. Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J [SQUMJ]. 2019 Mar 28;18(4):447.
  • NAIR S, IBRAHIM H, ALMARZOQI F, ALKHEMEIRI A, SREEDHARAN J. Addressing research barriers and facilitators in medical residency. J Fam Med Prim Care. 2019 Mar;8(3):1145.
  • MAUDSLEY G, TAYLOR D, ALLAM O, GARNER J, CALINICI T, LINKMAN K. A Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) systematic review of: What works best for health professions students using mobile (hand-held) devices for educational support on clinical placements? BEME Guide No. 52. Med Teach. 2019 Feb 28;41(2):125–40.
  • CHANDRAMOULI R, GOPAKUMAR A, VENKATRAMANA M, HAMDY H. Impact of NBME International Foundations of Medicine “IFOM” examination on students’ academic achievement. Heal Prof Educ. 2019 Jan;
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Faculty Research Publication 2018
  • Farooqi S, Rajendran K, Khanam R. Analysis of phthalate esters in two different baby care products available in the United Arab Emirates. Toxicol Mech Methods. 2018 Aug 16;1–22.
  • Bangera D, Takana M, Muttappallymyalil J. Tobacco cessation: attitude and practice of dentists in Northern United Arab Emirates. East Mediterr Health J. 2018 Jul 17;24(5):419–26.
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  • Dash D. Problems encountered in retrograde recanalization of coronary chronic total occlusion: Should we lock the backdoor in 2018? Indian Heart J. 2018 Jan;70(1):132–4.
Faculty Research Publication 2017
  • Hamdy, H. The Problem and Goals Are Global, the Solutions Are Local: Revisiting Quality Measurements and the Role of the Private Sector in Global Health Professions EducationAcad. Med. 2017;92(8):1082–1085.
  • Kassab S, Hassan N, El-Araby S, Salem A, Alrebish S, Al-Amro A, Al-Shobaili H, Hamdy H. Development and Validation of the Motivation for Tutoring Questionnaire in Problem-Based Learning ProgramsHeal. Prof. Educ.2017;3(1):50–58.
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Faculty Research Publication 2016
  • Abdel-Rhman TM, Taha TTI, Ali HM, Saad HA. Role of Tenascin-C as a predictor of Left Ventricular Remodeling after Streptokinase in patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology. 2016; 7: 477.
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GMU medical student won the first prize in the 7th Undergraduate Research Competition

Undergraduate research competition American University in the Emirates Poster presentation- AY 2018-19

Undergraduate research competition Islamabad Medical & Dental College AY 2017-18 1st Prize – Oral Presentation

Undergraduate research competition Abu Dhabi University Oral presentation- AY 2017-18

Best Student Paper Award in the 4th Annual Global Healthcare Conference, Singapore

Award received in the Public & Environmental Health category in the 5th UAE Undergraduate Research Competition, Abu Dhabi University

Best Paper Award for Oral Session in GMU Annual Scientific Meeting

MBBS Students Research Publications - 2018

  • Ramachandran S, Strange RC, Fryer AA, Saad F, Hackett GI. The association of sex hormone-binding globulin with mortality is mediated by age and testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes. Andrology. 2018 Jul 13. doi: 10.1111/andr.12520. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 30006962.
  • Chirakkara SKP, Bakhsh ARA, Pariyadath AK, Rathinavelu B. Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a Patient with Meningococcal Meningitis. Oman Med J. 2018 Jan 15;33(1):61–4.
  • Xu X, Zhang X, Zhong Y, Saad F, Perez-Patron MJ, Haider K, et al. Dynamic Patterns of Testosterone Levels in Individuals and Risk of Prostate Cancer among Hypogonadal Men: A Longitudinal Study. J Urol. 2018 Feb;199(2):465–73.

MBBS Students Research Publications

  • Aisha Wada, Delia Maria Wagner, Fatima Al Qassab, Maryam Mohamed, Mohamed Hamad, Shatha Al Sharbatti: ‘The Relationship between Socio-demographic and Lifestyle Factors and Academic Performance’ Iran J Public Health, Vol. 45, No.5, May 2016, pp.699-701.
  • Khalid Omar Hassan Ali Alattar, Janna Salam, Khalid Abdullatif Sadeq Abdalla, Afeefa Ashfaq Konchwalla, Eniola Raheem Ibirogba:Healthy Lifestyles: Prevalence and determinants among University students and Health care professionals in Ajman, UAE’. GMJ. ASM 2016; 5(S1):S82–S93 (Best Paper Award for Oral Session in 8th Annual Scientific Meeting 2016)
  • Reza Ul Karim, Kamil Pillay, Jansher Mohammad Azam, Mohammed Mohammed Faizeen Bhyat, Adam Ahmad Samman: ‘Prevalence and factors associated with self-reported dandruff amongst adults in Ajman, UAE’. GMJ. ASM 2016;5(S2):S79–S86 (Best Poster Award in 8th Annual Scientific Meeting 2016)
  • Areeba Naim Memon, Amna Ashraf, Amnah Sajid Sheikh, Mariam Syed Mohammed Mukarram, Alia abdulla m. Abushehab alsuwaidi: ‘Presence of Test Anxiety and Association with Forms of Assessment among Health Sciences students in Ajman, UAE’.  GMJ, ASM 2015;4(S1):S67-S75 (Best Paper Award for Oral Session in 7th Annual Scientific Meeting 2015)
  • Hiba Akbari, Haya Omer Alkuwari, Mehnaz Hossain, Rabia Amod, Ahmed Hesham Mohamed Abdellatif: ‘Knowledge and Attitude of Health Sciences and Non- Health Sciences Students towards Organ Donation in Ajman, UAE’. GMJ, ASM 2015;4(S2):S54-S62 (Best Poster Award in 7th Annual Scientific Meeting 2015)
  • Issa KJ, Ibrahim Y, Ali N, Haroon A, Waseem M, Aldin N, Al- Sharbatti S, Shaikh RB, Matthew E .’The effect of diabetes mellitus on quality of life’. SJPH 2014; 9(1):48-52.
  • Roaa Ali, Rachel Nivedita Rajan, Ayman Zainelabdin Mirgani, Janhavi Vateen Sirsat, Zahra rehman, Shivram kumar: ‘Prevalence of back pain among high school students: A cross sectional study in Dubai, UAE’. GMJ, ASM 2014;3(S2):S16-S23 (Overall Best Poster Award in 6th Annual Scientific Meeting 2014)
  • Aisha Wada, Delia Maria Wagner, Fatima Al Qassab, Maryam Mohamed, Mohamed Hamad, Shatha Al Sharbatti: ‘The Relationship between Socio-demographic and Lifestyle Factors and Academic Performance’. GMJ, ASM 2014;3(S1):S114-S124 (Best Paper Award for Oral Session in 6th Annual Scientific Meeting 2014)
  • Ausman J, Javed A, Ahmed S, Abdul Samad M, Pour AS, Mathew E, Shaikh RB, Al-Sharbatti S, Sreedharan J. ‘Social Factors Influencing Career Choice in a Medical School in the United Arab Emirates’. Education in Medicine Journal 2013; 5(1): e14- e20. DOI:10.5959/eimj.v5i1.16. ISSN 2180-1932.
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  • Khan H, Mohamed A, Al-Sakini Z, Zulfiquar K, Sohail A, Shaikh RB, Al- Sharbatti S, Mathew E. ‘Consanguinity, family history, and risk of epilepsy: A case control study’. Gulf Medical Journal. 2012; 1(1):32-36.
  • Shaikh RB, Abdul Haque NM, Al Mohsen HAHK, Al Mohsen AAHK, Humadi MHK, Al Mubarak ZZ , Mathew E, Al Sharbatti S. ‘Acute Effects of Dokha Smoking on the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems among UAE Male University Students’. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2012;13:
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