Undergraduate students of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) attend the Orientation Program

Students enrolling in the fall semester of the new academic year gathered together on August 28th-29th, 2019 to be oriented more about the GMU PharmD program.  The students, Class of 2024, were welcomed to the university by Prof. Sherief Khalifa, Dean, College of Pharmacy together with the faculty and staff members of the college with encouraging messages and supportive guidance to enhance their educational transition from High School to University. The importance of attitude and professionalism throughout the 5 years of the PharmD program at GMU was also emphasized.

The orientation program briefly covered the overall PharmD curriculum. A series of presentations were given by Clinical Preceptors and Faculty members from the College of Pharmacy. These included, ‘Library facilities and learning resources’, ‘Learning Management Software’, ‘The use and importance of student portfolio’, ‘Do’s and don’ts during the study in the university’, ‘Academic advising & mentorship’ and others.  The various student services and extracurricular activities were also briefed by Dr. Joshua Ashok, Head, Student affairs department. Family members of students attended to support their junior ones and learn about their journey ahead.

An introduction session between faculty members and the students, who were from various nationalities and educational backgrounds, was arranged as an icebreaker and for the students to get to know the team of faculty who will be teaching and advising them. Tours of the GMU campus, the new teaching Thumbay University Hospital and Thumbay Hospital Ajman helped students familiarize themselves with their professional environment. The students are now enthusiastic and ready for a journey of success towards becoming professional health care providers and agents of advancement for the pharmacy profession in UAE and the region.