Student focus group for Quality Improvement of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in GMU PharmD

The College of Pharmacy at Gulf Medical University (GMU) takes serious measures towards quality improvement of pharmacy education. One of such measures is the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) studentfocus group. The focus group consisted of a representative group of graduating students who were gathered in the presence ofmembers from the college administration to share their thoughts and ideas for qualityimprovement. In this session, the students discussed the effectiveness of differentrotations they had at different sites including Thumbay Hospitals in Ajman, Dubai andFujairah, Thumbay Pharmacies, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman, Cleveland ClinicAbu Dhabi, and Tawam Hospital.

Inputs of students were discussed in a forum of stakeholders and action plans were prepared for quality improvement. Responsible persons were identified for each action plan item and the timeline for achievement of each item was recorded.

Dean Sherief Khalifa said, our continuous quality improvement processes have always helped us enhance our programs and achieve higher levels of satisfaction for our stakeholders including, students, employers and national and international accreditation agencies.