Seminar on Quality Assurance of GMU PharmD Program

As part of the College of Pharmacy Faculty Development Seminar series the topic on 29th November 2017 was “Quality Assurance & Evaluation of the PharmD Program”. It was a combined presentation by Professor Sherief Khalifa, Dean, College of Pharmacy and Dr. Dixon Thomas, Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice. Though the seminar was focused mostly on the quality assurance measures taken to improve the PharmD program; faculty from other Colleges also attended and discussed on generalizable aspects of quality assurance.

The seminar started with an overview of the concept of quality assurance and quality enhancement. This was followed by explanations on

  • Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE) Educational Outcomes and QFEmiratesfor mapping the PharmD program learning outcomes.
  • Input-Process-Output-Outcome (IPOO) model for identifying the PharmD program quality indicators,
  • Kirkpatrick model for evaluation of the advanced pharmacy practice experience training,
  • Miller’s pyramid for categorizing competency level of the students, and
  • The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) 5 pillar model for evaluating the compliance level of the program to global standards.

Strategic Plan (2017-2022) of the College in alignment with the Gulf Medical University was listed. Future plans for evaluation of the PharmD program and different strategies that will be used to assess the achievement of intended program learning outcomes were presented and discussed. The session ended with an active discussion on the application of quality principles and management of data in program evaluation.

The presentation slides can be obtained from the [Link]