Prescribing Skills Assessment for PharmD Students: A Seminar by the British Pharmacological Society

By invitation from Gulf Medical University (GMU), The British Pharmacological Society delivered a presentation workshop on “Prescribing Skills Assessment” on December 5, 2018.

Dr.David James, Executive Director, Strategic Innovation, British Pharmacological Society, demonstrated the ‘Prescribing skills assessment platform’ which is an online training and assessment package to promote better prescribing skills for undergraduate students and practicing physicians and pharmacists to prescribe medication based on the principles of Clinical Pharmacology that underpin safety and effectiveness. The e-learning resource materials available in the platform helps healthcare students to develop skills and competencies in clinical pharmacology and practice the use of medicines more rationally.  The skills assessment platform contains both interactive case-based questions distributed among 8 domains covering prescribing skills, prescription review, planning management, providing information, calculation skills, adverse drug reactions, drug monitoring and data interpretation.

Dr. David thanked Dean Khalifa of the College of Pharmacy for extending the invitation and was pleased with the prospect of academic collaboration between the British Pharmacology Society and Gulf Medical University. This collaboration with GMU is expected to help in benchmarking the pharmacy education competencies of our PharmD students their peers in the UK. The students will be tested through this international evaluation platform where they can self-evaluate their competencies and make realistic learning goals and plan training requirements.

Dean Khalifa commented: This project comes at the right time when UAE is moving to smart pharmacy with automation and robotics taking over some of the traditional roles of pharmacists in the country. We are very excited about this project as it will help improve the prescribing skills of our PharmD students and make them more ready for clinical pharmacy roles in UAE.