“Pharmacy Practice, putting it to work around the World” by Dr. William Jessee

On December 13, 2018, Dr. William Jessee from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD), delivered a talk titled "Pharmacy Practice, putting it to work around the World".  Dr. William Jessee holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from Washington State University, College of Pharmacy, and in addition a Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University School of Law, USA. He is presently working as a Senior Pharmacist at CCAD in a Pharmacy leadership/Management role coordinating daily operations of the ambulatory pharmacy.

During his talk, Dr. Jessee shared his 20+ years journey putting pharmacy practice to work around the world. His vast experience in providing pharmaceutical care to a variety of patients across nations, ranging from mild illnesses to terminally ill patients was overwhelming. Dr. Jessee emphasized the importance of communication skills in pharmacy practice independent of the practice site, be it community, hospital or clinic. He also stressed upon the need for understanding the socioeconomic and cultural aspects of human beings for an effective pharmacy practice and offering practical solutions.

Dr. Jessee showcased the experiences he accumulated over the years from different practice sites, the good and challenging ones, and believes that these reflections are significant, and are key to making pharmacist a leader and a strategic performer.