Pharmacy Manager of Thumaby Hospital, Ajman Lectures on “Medication Errors”

On March 21, 2018, Dr. Rehab Elsayed, the Pharmacy Manager at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman delivered a lecture titled ‘Medication errors’ to the faculty members and Pharmacy students at College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University (GMU). The presentation began by introducing the concept of medication errors and understanding of the theoretical basis for medication errors. She also listed the common causes for medication errors and highlighted the importance of performing root cause analysis in error prevention.

Dr. Rehab also shared her experiences on identification and mitigation of medication error strategies in Thumbay Hospital, Ajman. In addition, few cases of potential medication errors identified and prevented by Clinical Pharmacists were discussed. Throughout her presentation, Dr. Rehab emphasized the need for Clinical Pharmacists in minimizing medication errors and at the end the presentation generated rich discussions.

This presentation highlighted the benefit of academic and practicing pharmacists integrated under GMU Academic Health System (that links the healthcare, education and research functions driven by the interactions between itself and its academic partners), in improving patient safety and promoting more rational use of medicines.