GMU PharmD graduates exempt from 1 year pre-licensure training in Nigeria

The GMU PharmD graduates appear in this photo were attending a pharmacist licensing ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria (Left to Right):

  • Fatima Ambaya
  • Bintu Bukar Goni
  • Zainab Abubakar
  • Zainab Abdulaziz Kaita
  • Fatima Bukar Ngorgi Afandi Shehu
  • Lauratu Zubairu

Gulf Medical University PharmD program has been receiving many students from Nigeria over the past years. Our Nigerian student body is an important component in the makeup of our PharmD program. They have proven to be among our highest achievers and we are very proud of them as we see them take advantage of our student exchange programs with our USA partner universities, participate in our Summer research internship program at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduate and move on to lead the change in the profession and serve their patients in the best possible ways.

We are proud that the Doctor of Pharmacy program at GMU is officially recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria. In the past, Nigerian students who returned home after graduation to practice pharmacy in Nigeria were required to undergo a one-year internship as a prerequisite for licensure. GMU PharmD students currently sit for the UAE license exam immediately after graduation and can now travel back to Nigeria and receive an exemption from the one-year required internship in their home country. The exemption from the pre-license training in UAE and Nigeria is based on the recognition of relevant authorities in both countries. GMU PharmD students undergo Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) in their final year preparing them to be ready for practice.