Gulf Medical University Pharmacy Students Present at DUPHAT – 2022

On February 22nd-24th 2022, Postgraduate and undergraduate students of college of pharmacy, Gulf Medical University have presented 16 research projects in the annual meeting of Dubai Pharmacy and Technology conference (DUPHAT-2022) at Dubai World Trade Center.  The posters are the reflection of the students’ scholarly activity in their postgraduate theses work as well as the outcome of their scholarly pathway course series. The College of pharmacy has unique scholarly pathway series in which PharmD students conduct research under the guidance of faculty supervisors. All students experience scholarly work from inception of the idea to report writing. The college of pharmacy encouraged the faculty and PharmD students to take these research projects to a full peer reviewed publications.


Ms. Fathima Sheik (undergraduate scholarly pathway student) won 3rd place in the best display poster category. Also, Ms. Nourhan Khaled (Master’s in Drug Discovery & Development student) won 4th place in the outstanding poster category. At the College of Pharmacy we are proud of our students and foresee a bright future for them a head.


List of College of Pharmacy students’ posters presented at DUPHAT-2022

  1. Performance Enhancing Attitude Among Bodybuilders in UAE
    Authors: Hala Ahmed, Adhnan Shabeek, Malak Mohammed
    Supervisor: Dr. Dixon Thomas
  1. Nicotine Dependence and Willingness to Quit in Smokers visiting Thumbay University Hospital
    Authors: Ruth Alex, Haya Aldwiri, Amr Adil, Naiem Aljamli
    Supervisor: Dr. Shabaz Mohiuddin Gulam
  1. Design of Novel Cinnamoyl Anthranilate Derivatives as Dual Acting H2S Donor & TGFBR1 Inhibitor Having Potential Anticancer Effect
    Authors: Hafsa Shah, Sara Nadeem and Tabarek Shakir
    Supervisor: Dr. Eman Moussa
  1. Evaluation of PharmD students’ perspectives on e-book and hardcopy utilization
    Authors: Alaa Osama Mohammed Ali Fouda
    Supervisor: Dr. Seeba Zachariah
  1. Lipospheres for Enhancement of Loratadine Absorption from the Proximal Region of the GIT
    Authors: Fatima Idris, Antony Francis, Tabarek Abbas, Shery Jacob and Ibrahim Elsayed
    Supervisor: Dr. Ibrahim Elsayed
  1. Computer-aided design of isoform-selective HDAC inhibitors as anti-cancer agents and small molecule anti-viral agents targeting COVID-19
    Authors: Victor Olaitan, Fatima Al Bedwawi, Hadeel Alzuabi, Ali Babou, and Ahmed Negmeldina
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed T. Negmeldin
  1. Preparation and evaluation of nanovesicle loaded antifungal drug impregnated buccal film for the treatment of oral candidiasis
    Authors: Huda jaafar abdulla ali abdulla. Keerthana Selvaraju, Theres Babu, Omar Hussein, Reham Khaled Abu Hijjleh, Shery Jacob, Pooja Narain Adtani
    Supervisor: Dr. Shery Jacob
  1. Anticancer profiling of naturally occurring Ginsenosides against solid tumor cells
    Authors: Judit Elsa Don, Ishaaq Aba Bagnan , Fathima.S.Kather, Reham K. Abuhijjleh, Ahmed.M.Al-Abd
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed. M. Al-Abd
  1. Challenges Among Parents for Administration of Drugs
    Authors: Rawa Banoori, Aiman Fatima, Nour Kaddour, Niloufer Sharafi
    Supervisor: Dr. Syed Wasif Gillani
  1. Crosstalk of Autophagy and Austerity in relation to Cancer Chemoresistance
    Authors: Fathima Sheik Kather, Judit Don, Ishaaq A Bagnan, Reham Abuhijjleh, Ahmed M. Al-Abd
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed M. Al-Abd
  1. Use of antithrombotic therapy for the prevention of thromboembolic events in patients hospitalized with COVID-19
    Authors: Rahul Ashok, Dilna Fathima, Irfana Ibrahim, Mohammed Wael
    Supervisor: Dr. Vineetha Menon
  1. The prescription pattern of secondary preventive medications among patients with acute coronary syndrome and renal impairment treated with percutaneous coronary intervention in a single private center.
    Authors: Fatima Malami, Fatima Bashir, Ayesha Cancio, Ghina Jumaa.
    Supervisor: Dr. Semira Abdi
  1. Modulating the polymorphic UGT1A1 gene to enhance irinotecan’s anti-colorectal activity
    Authors: Dalia Y. Al Saeedy, Reham K. Abuhijjleh, Ahmed Gouda, Ahmed M Al-Abd
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed M Al-Abd
  1. The potential chemo-modulatory effect of the marine-derived secondary metabolite terrein on the anticancer properties of gemcitabine in colorectal cancer cells
    Authors: Reham K. Abuhijjleh, Dalia Y. Al Saeedy, Naglaa Saad, Ahmed Gouda, Sameh S. Elhady, Ahmed M Al-Abd
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed M Al-Abd
  1. Computer-Aided Design and Chemical Synthesis of Novel Series of Pyrazolo Pyrimidine Derivatives as EGFR Tyrosine kinase Inhibitors
    Authors: Sharrole Jasmin, Ahmed T. Negmeldin, Eman El-Labbad
    Supervisor: Drs. Ahmed T. Negmeldin, Eman El-Labbad
  1. Statistical Optimization of a Stable Quercetin Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeting
    Authors: Nourhan Khaled Hassan, Eman El-Labbad, Mohamed Haider, Ibrahim Elsayed
    Supervisor: Dr. Ibrahim Elsayed