GMU Interprofessional education experience with a Periodontitis patient with Diabetes and Hypertension

On February 11, 2020, final year PharmD student Ms. Nour Elshaeir participated in interprofessional education (IPE) case study and presentation along with students from Medicine, and Dentistry. The broader goal of the session was to embed the culture of ‘Learn together for working together’ among students across health disciplines, ultimately leading to ‘patient-centered care’.

With consent, a case of 50 years male old patient with diabetes, hypertension and periodontitis ‘was studied, collectively under the supervision of Clinical preceptors and Faculty mentors. The case was presented at Thumbay Hospital Ajman (THA) for the audience across health professions. The case learning and case presentation, both focused on clearly defined areas of the expertise of each of the students, based on their health profession background, and each of them complimented the others.

Students participated in the study reflected on how well they understand the roles of other health professions. Students and their faculty perceived the experience of direct patient care in a collaborative practice environment in a teaching dental hospital as an effective educational activity.