GMU College of Pharmacy Preceptor Engagement Session: “Benefits of being a Preceptor”

On June 7, 2021, Dr. Dixon Thomas, Associate Dean Clinical at GMU College of Pharmacy conducted a session on “benefits of being a preceptor”. The session was attended by the preceptors from Thumbay University Hospital, Thumbay Pharmacies, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman and Fakeeh University Hospital.

Dean College of Pharmacy Prof. Sherief Khalifa commented: “At GMU we are lucky to have the best and most qualified clinical pharmacy preceptors training our students. Our preceptors are teaching more than 20% of the PharmD curriculum where students learn by shadowing, observing and doing. A big thank you to all preceptors in all healthcare institutions who are teaching our PharmD and MCP students. We believe that engaging our preceptors in such sessions will help us reach our ultimate goal of best care for our patients and the highest level of learning for our students”.