GMU College of pharmacy conducts exit exam for outgoing ‘Ready to Practice’ students

On 13th of July 2019, the GMU College of Pharmacy conducted an Exit Exam for the PharmD Class of 2019. The exam aimed at evaluating the competencies expected by the students during the PharmD program and thus ensuring all program learning outcomes have been achieved.

The Exit Exam had two components; multiple choice questions (total 60), and an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) component made up of four stations, testing communication and professional clinical skills and attitudes. These stations were
Communicating with a physician on switching a drug, measuring blood pressure and pulse, communicating an adverse drug reaction happened and suggest how to resolve to a difficult patient, and How to counsel a patient on self-administration of anticoagulant injection’. All the assessment elements were mapped to the PharmD program educational outcomes at the Mastery level.

Dean Khalifa commented: The PharmD exit exam is a final cumulative assessment that we use to confirm that our graduates are ready for practice. It is also an excellent tool to identify areas of improvement in our curriculum.