GMU College of Pharmacy Celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2021

On September 26th, 2021, the college of pharmacy staff, students, and alumni gathered to celebrate the World Pharmacists Day. This year’s celebration was a special edition of the student community engagement events that took advantage of the World event to showcase students’ community engagement activities.

The event started by showing a compiled video message recorded by several GMU college of Pharmacy alumni who shared insightful and enthusiastic messages about their diverse, challenging yet important roles within the community of different workplaces in different countries all over the world. Prof. Sherief Khalifa, Dean of the college of Pharmacy addressed the attendees with a celebratory welcome message followed by an insightful talk regarding the continuously evolving role of the pharmacist. Shortly after this message, the community engagement team at the college of pharmacy announced the official launching of the community engagement portal which constitutes an interactive platform for students’ enrollment in community activities as well as their documentation. This was followed by a presentation showcasing the details of a student community engagement activity focusing on promotion of proper drug disposal where students had encouraging remarks that are expected to trigger community impact.

At the end of the event, students and faculty members engaged in a cake-cutting celebration in honor of the World Pharmacists Day 2021.