Dr. Shery Jacob Lectures on Fundamental Concepts in Item & Test Analysis

As a part of the College of Pharmacy Faculty Development Seminar series, Dr. Shery Jacob, Associate Professor and Chair of Assessment Committee at College of Pharmacy presented on ‘Fundamental Concepts in Item and Test Analysis’ on November 1, 2017.

Dr. Shery emphasized the significance of testing and analysis as an indispensable component of all educational programs. The topics discussed in the seminar were; qualitative and quantitative item analysis, item difficulty, item discrimination, point-biserial correlation, KR-20 reliability coefficient and distractor analysis. Further, the benefit of using various Microsoft excel programs and the caution to be taken while interpreting item results were also elaborated.

Faculty members of the College of Pharmacy and other Colleges of Gulf Medical University attended the seminar and found it relevant and useful in improving their assessments.

The presentation slides and audio version of the presentation can be obtained from the [link]