Dr. Seeba Zachariah Presents on Enhanced Medication Safety

Dr. Seeba Zachariah, Preceptor, College of Pharmacy, GMU delivered a presentation on enhanced medication safety on 18 December 2017 in Thumbay hospital, Ajman. In her lecture, she explained the different types of medication safety issues, identifying potential medication harm in different settings and methods to prevent medication errors.  Pharmacists review prescriptions in the hospital to prevent medication errors and potential adverse drug events.

Dr. Seeba added that medication error is a common cause of preventable patient harm. It can occur at any stage of the medication use process. The hospital has clear medication management policies and procedures to reduce medication errors. In addition to proper labeling, storage and dispensing of medicines, pharmacists are involved in taking the best possible medication history, medication reconciliation across the transfers of care, review the patients’ drug therapy monitoring its efficacy and safety and provide discharge medication counseling.

The presentation slides of the presentation can be obtained from the [Link]