College of Pharmacy Hosts a Research Presentation on Pharmaceutical Care in Diabetes Mellitus

As part of the faculty research seminar series at the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Javedh Shareef gave a research presentation titled “Impact of Clinical Pharmacist Interventions on Diabetes Mellitus Disease Management Program in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital”. The presentation was given on November 15, 2017; one day after the College celebrated World Diabetes Day. Dr. Javedh Shareef is Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacy Practice, NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mangalore, India.

Dr. Javedh highlighted various services that could be provided by pharmacists for diabetes patients in both institutional as well as outpatient settings. He elaborated on various interventions performed by the research team in order to improve patient adherence, quality of life (QoL) and minimize drug therapy related problems (DTRPs). He also mentioned the standard procedures involved in the development of patient information leaflets, its translation, and validation procedures.

In his research finding, Dr. Javedh demonstrated the test group patients receiving pharmaceutical care showed better patient adherence, improved QoL and experiencing less of DTRPs.