College of Pharmacy Participates in the Graduation Ceremony of GEMS-GMU Future Scientist of UAE Program

On June 5, 2021, College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University participated in celebrating the graduations of the second cohort of GEMS-GMU “Future Scientist of UAE Program“ led by GMU’s Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine.

Dr. Eman E-labbad, Assistant professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Director of the college of pharmacy, student Happiness Centre, Dr. Samiullah Shabbir Ahmad, and Dr. Reham Khaled who are Teaching Assistants undertaking a master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Development at the College of Pharmacy hosted the students in a research rotation in the College’s Drug Discovery and Development Lab. During the rotation, the students received an orientation about the role of pharmaceutical sciences research in drug discovery. They also received a hands on experience on various research techniques applied in pharmaceutical organic synthesis and pharmaceutical analysis using spectrophotometric assays.

Dr. Eman commented, “It was great pleasure to participate as a research mentor for high school students. It was a great opportunity to support the young talents to go beyond understanding science to the application of science in drug discovery research. Congratulation to all Graduates, this is not the end, it is the beginning of life long journey in research!!“

Dean Sherief Khalifa and Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement commented: “The impact of the “Future Scientists of UAE” on high school students in opening their minds to research at an early stage will for sure have a role in shaping the future of these young and talented students. The College of Pharmacy is proud to participate in this great program”.