Collaborative APPE rotation of GMU students with University of St. Joseph students

On February 03, 2020 Ornesha Watson and William Wilson, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) students from University of St. Joseph, Connecticut, USA started their Acute Care rotation at GMU affiliated hospitals in United Arab Emirates. Ornesha and William is undergoing a 5 week-long rotation with supervision of Dr. Seeba Zachariah and Dr. Dixon Thomas at Thumbay Hospital Ajman and Thumbay University Hospital.

Eighth graduating class of 2020 GMU College of Pharmacy PharmD students are in their APPE too. The GMU APPE students Noor, Abdelrehman, and Khawla are working with USJ students to refine clinical pharmacy skills. The GMU-USJ student group perform ward rounds and pharmacotherapy group discussions on a daily basis. In a later stage, they will merge to different groups with other health professions students to perform interprofessional case studies.

Vice Chancellor for Quality and Global Engagement and Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof. Sherief Khalifa appreciated the collaborative environment where GMU and USJ students learn together. GMU students Nourhan and Hesham are going to USJ affiliated hospitals for one of their APPE rotation. Learning in a different health system will definitely broaden their approach and groom pharmacists of international caliber.

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