Clinical Pharmacologist lectures on Population Pharmacokinetics at the College of Pharmacy

As a part of our ongoing faculty research seminar series, an invited guest lecture titled ‘Population Pharmacokinetics: Basics and Applications’ was organized by the College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University on October 18, 2017.

The speaker Dr. Mona Alameddine, Ph.D. is a Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmacometrician with experience in leading Pharmaceutical companies for the last 14 years.

The Dean College of Pharmacy, Dr. Sherief Khalifa introduced the speaker and highlighted the importance of population kinetics in drug development and patient care.

Dr. Mona discussed the theoretical basis of ‘fixed ‘and ‘random’ effects in population kinetics. She explained the applications of pharmacokinetic models in detecting intersubject variability in plasma concentration of drugs. Concepts such as ‘linearity’ and ‘non-linearity’ of pharmacokinetics and autoinduction and inhibition were also discussed. Clinical applications of population kinetics in drug development and clinical practice were also introduced and discussed.

Faculty members of the College of Pharmacy and PharmD students found the seminar to be informative, interesting and insightful.