A motivational workshop on Time Management by GMU PharmD preceptor

On July 16, 2019, Dr. Jumana Al-Salloum, Clinical Preceptor at college of pharmacy, GMU delivered a motivational workshop style presentation to other preceptors and faculty of college of pharmacy, titled “Time Management: Tips and methods to improve the quality of time spent”.

The presentation focused on tips and methods that help maximize the quality of time spent during the day. The speaker started by demonstrating the importance of calculating the actual time spent in daily activities and identifying the most time-consuming ones. Internationally utilized strategies were also discussed such as the different types of To-Do-Lists, 20/80 and ABCDE methods used in prioritizing tasks which helps in better quality of the time spent in performing the daily tasks.

The audience was fully engaged with the speaker and the exercises made the session very interactive. Identifying the “Individual Goals” and “Trigger List” were some of the presented brainstorming exercises.