Working in the Industry: BBMS & Beyond – Career Advising Series

Dr. Hisa Lootah, Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-founder of Ecabiotech Middle East was the invited guest for the career advising session for the BBMS Program students on December 13, 2020.  Dr Hisa Lootah, a Physician with a Master in Toxicology from Gulf Medical University, is a member of the Employer Liaison and Advisory Committee for the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences Program. She shared her thoughts on how to become an entrepreneur in an inspiring free-flowing talk. She outlined the immense opportunities for graduates of Biomedical Science in the Biomedical and Biotechnology industry. She advised students to capitalize on the opportunities provided to them by GMU and learn more through summer trainings and internships not only in the hospital laboratories but in the industry as well. It was a very motivating and useful experience for the BBMS students.