Gulf Medical University celebrated the World Malaria Day

Gulf Medical University celebrated the World Malaria Day to recognize global efforts to control malaria in April 2019 with this year’s campaign, “Zero malaria starts with me” which emphasized the role of community in malaria prevention and care.

The students across different programs used various activities including poster exhibition, games, presentation and quizzes to create awareness among the immediate community and staff of GMU.  The students of other programs such as the dental, pharmacy and biomedical sciences also participated in the event making it an inter-professional activity. The students emphasized the life cycle of Plasmodium and the role of the vector in spreading malaria using fun activities. They conveyed a clear message to the audience that by working together it is possible for us to achieve a malaria-free region.

Student quotes:

“Working as a team made learning about malaria fun.  It also gave us an exposure to researching a topic” Hiba Mohammed a first-year MBBS student.

“It takes a little effort and money to get rid of malaria. Education and basic amenities are a must” Maha Alam a first-year MBBS student.

Faculty quote:

The students worked enthusiastically as a team to create awareness about Malaria.  They learned and made others learn.  It is the community which plays an important role in the prevention of malaria”

Dr. Janita Pinto: Supervisor of the event.

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