Guest Lecture: Blood Brain Barrier as a Therapeutic Target in Traumatic Brain Injury

On November 25, 2020, Dr. Binu Thrakan, Associate Professor and Director of Research, Department of Surgery, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA delivered a talk on ‘Blood brain barrier as a therapeutic target in traumatic brain injury’ to students and faculty of Gulf Medical University.

Dr. Binu Tharakan is a fellow of Royal Society of Medicine and Royal society of Biology UK and a well-known expert in the field of neuroscience. He has published extensively in internationally acclaimed journals and serves on the editorial board of many.  He is also actively involved collaborative research with National Space Research Organisation (NASA), USA.

His presentation explained how the blood brain barrier can be used to as a target for therapy in traumatic brain injury including road traffic accidents. It was very interesting and informative for the students and faculty of GMU.