GMU Celebrates Burn Awareness Week

National Burn Awareness Week is held in the first week of February every year, with an aim to raise awareness of the burn injuries and to promote good first aid in these cases.

Students organized various activities, games, talks and video presentations at the campus for the GMU community which include not only the students and staff of various health professions but also for the staff employed in the campus. The emphasis of this event was to educate people about the different causes of fires and characteristic burns in children and adults and how to be responsible for personal and public safety. They were made aware about how to avoid potentially harmful situations.

Mr. Soud Hassan Al Zrouni, an officer from civil defence department of Ajman was invited to brief the audience on what to do in case of common fires, common hazards at home, and measures to be undertaken for prevention of fires. He also demonstrated how to use fire safety equipment.

The faculty supervisor, Dr Joshua Ashok commented that the Project by students has clearly highlighted the preventive aspects, individual safety practice and dos and don’ts in the event of fire.

Ms Shamma Khalid, the project leader said each member was given a task, and at the end, the project was made wholesome through team effort

“Working on the project was one of the best experiences as we learned to research on a topic, gather authentic information and share the information to our fellow colleagues with the objective of increasing their awareness” said Ms. Omaymah Ahmed, Student, MBBS program

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